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65+ Beautiful Christmas Photoshop Tutorials Collection

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65+ Fantastic and beautiful Christmas Photoshop tutorials to get inspired for these winter holidays. Browse through this list of beautiful Christmas pictures and the Photoshop tutorials how to create them. They are ideal for Photoshop Christmas card ideas. Learn how to create different things in Photoshop like Christmas cards with Christmas balls and other ornaments, snowmen, Santa Claus characters, frozen ice effects, snow globes and many more.

For those of you that don't celebrate Christmas you have winter time Photoshop tutorials on how to create realistic winter scenes with snowing effects, snow, ice and icicles.

Try out the free Christmas scenes Photoshop tutorials below and create your own Christmas cards.

Huge collection of Christmas Photoshop tutorials that you can use to make personalized greeting cards for your friends and family. If you want to create Christmas cards, Christmas posters or to write Christmas messages try these Christmas design templates that you can edit online.

Christmas Font Generator Online

For adding text to your Christmas cards, check out these awesome Christmas fonts that are available for free. Use the fonts online, or install them on your computer.

Do you need Christmas Photoshop ideas that are really fast and look great? Check out these Christmas effect Photoshop actions. You don't need graphic design skills to use a Christmas filter Photoshop action.

Christmas Photoshop Actions (10 in 1 Bundle)

The list contains lots of Photoshop Christmas tutorials that you will love! These Christmas Photoshop ideas are great for this special time of year. To make a Photoshop Christmas tutorial like the ones presented below is easy. You just have to follow the exact steps.

Create an Ice Effect Frozen Queen Photoshop tutorial

Create a Fairy Tale Christmas Scene in Photoshop

Christmas Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Christmas Tree Icon in Photoshop

Christmas Tree Font Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial

80s Christmas Card Photoshop Tutorial

Create A Snow Globe Christmas Card Picture In Photoshop

Magic Christmas Photoshop Tutorial

Christmas Candy Photoshop Text Tutorial

Create An Icy Text Effect With Snowflakes In Photoshop

Christmas Card Snow Globe Photoshop Text Effect

Beautiful Christmas Image Of A Night Scene in Photoshop

Night Time Christmas Card Photoshop Tutorial

How to make a winter holiday card in photoshop

Beautiful Christmas Image Free Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Sparkler New Year text in Photoshop

How to Create a Christmas Ball ornament in Photoshop

White christmas winter scene in photoshop

Gingerbread cookies text effect in Photoshop

Santa hat knitted christmas text effect in photoshop

Photoshop candy cane text effect

Candy christmas glass ball photoshop text tutorial

How to Create a Christmas ornament in photoshop

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Card in Photoshop

Christmas and new year greeting card photoshop tutorial

Beautiful Christmas Picture Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Create Amazing Winter Christmas Scene Using Snow Overlays In Photoshop

Make these winter holidays even more special. Use the Photoshop Christmas card tutorial below to make unique designs for your friends and family.

Pop Up Christmas Card Picture In Photoshop

Spring to Winter Christmas Image Tutorial

Vintage Christmas Card Idea Photoshop Tutorial

New Year And Christmas Greeting Card Photoshop Tutorial

Glossy candy cane text effect free psd download

We wish you a Merry Christmas card in Photoshop

Create A Beautiful Christmas Picture From A Portrait In Photoshop

Learn how to make a Christmas background in Photoshop using basic shapes and Christmas brushes.

Merry Christmas Tree Card in Photoshop

Create a new year card with fireworks in photoshop

Create An Image Pop Up Christmas Card In Photoshop

How To Draw A Picture With A Christmas Tree In Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial Christmas lights using brushes and glow effect plus sparkles and snowing overlay.

Photoshop Tutorial For Creating A Beautiful Christmas Picture Of A Magic Forest With A Glowing Christmas Tree

Create A Christmas Tree Floating Island Image In Photoshop

Create Christmas Vector Cookies In Photoshop

Design a Christmas Star Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Christmas Flyer in Photoshop

Create a christmas santa rubber stamp in photoshop

Christmas ball cartoon character in photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial On How To Create A Christmas Wallpaper Image

The Christmas text effect Photoshop tutorials help you create personalized text effects perfect for the winter holidays.

Golden tinsel christmas text effect in photoshop

Merry Christmas Image With Snow Spray Paint Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Beautiful Christmas Image Of The Earth as Christmas Ball Wallpaper - Photoshop Tutorial

Beautiful Merry Christmas Card in Photoshop

How to Create a Decorative Christmas Card in Photoshop

Candy cane photoshop text effect

Snowman christmas card Photoshop Tutorial

Christmas Card 3D Text Effect With Snow Made In Photoshop

Create A Frozen Portrait Effect In Photoshop

Create A Christmas Picture With Knitted Argyle Text Effect In Photoshop

Photoshop Wrapped paper gift box text effect

Create a Winter Snow Globe in Photoshop

Create Fantasy Christmas Scene In Photoshop

Glossy snow globe text effect in Photoshop

Cute Snowman Card in Photoshop

Design a Santa Claus Cartoon Christmas Card in Photoshop

Create a Christmas Tree in Photoshop from Scratch

Learn How To Create Beautiful Christmas Images Inspired By Wonderland Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Amazingly Beautiful Picture Of A Mountain Of Christmas Gifts - Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

I hope that you enjoyed this list of the most beautiful Christmas images and the Photoshop tutorials for creating them. I hope you decide to try some of this Christmas photoshop tutorials. It would be nice of you if you shared this list with others that want to learn how to create beautiful pictures for Christmas like the ones in this list.

Christmas and New Year Photoshop Actions

If you want to create beautiful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Cards in just a few steps, you can try these great Premium Photoshop actions.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to buy more Christmas Photoshop actions from the actions listed below, take a look at the Christmas Photoshop Actions Bundle by PSDDude which will save you 15% of the price of individual actions.

Make Christmas Cards Online

Did you know you can use online tools like MockoFun to combine Christmas vector shapes with text and create some amazing Christmas cards? MockoFun provides pre-made templates for Christmas cards and even an awesome list of over 50 Christmas fonts that you can use online or download for free to use in Photoshop. Combine Christmas fonts with text symbols like a star symbol for example.

Check out this tutorial on how to use the online Online Christmas Card Maker and all the awesome features that MockoFun has to offer.

Online Christmas Card Maker
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