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PSDDude - About Us

Hi and welcome to If you like Photoshop, maybe you should bookmark our blog! It is a place for all the people that want to learn with us. We offer you useful Photoshop resources and quality design inspiration. On this blog you will find Photoshop tutorials that are published at least twice a month! The inspirational images, the stock photos and the resources used on this site comply with the requirements of the Creative Commons License under which these resources are published. For all the other images with different publishing licenses we contact the artists and obtain their approval.

Even if we started this blog in September 2009 and we still need to learn a lot, this is why we'd like to ask you to give us suggestions and feedbacks. Don't hesitate to tell us what's on your mind. You can post a comment or contact us via our contact page.

Do you want to stay in touch with us? No problem, you can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you want to help us grow please share with your friends!

About the PSDDude authors

Hi, I'm John, I'm a senior Java programmer and together with my wife, who is a graphic designer, we have created and maintained this Photoshop blog. We are involved in other projects like, a blog with coding / programming related tutorials. We also focus on our commercial portfolio so you can also find PSDDude on GraphicRiver and on CodeCanyon.

In 2018 we've also started contributing to Photoshop Supply with our wonderfull free Photoshop resources for graphic designers.

Thanks for Your Support!

This site is made by us, entirely from scratch. So the design, the content management, the search, the menus and so on were made with a lot of effort. We plan to add more features like login and write tutorial forms. Maybe a contest section and a forum would be cool, but all that requires time, time that for the moment we don't have.

Last but not least, we want to send a big "Thank You!" to all the artists that are featured on our site, to all the free stock owners that help us write our tutorials and of course to all our visitors. We could not exist without you, so we consider you all friends. Thank you for visiting our little blog, and we hope to see you soon!

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