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I am the owner and also a regular author here at I am a freelancer trying to make a living out of my design skills. I'm really passionate about so many design related areas, always wanting to learn new techniques and get in touch with other artists. I love to write Photoshop tuts and get in touch with amazing digital artists!

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Name Design Tutorials

Name Design

Name design is also called name art design as it uses graphic elements & stylized text. It's a form of typography art. In this article I will show you how to use simple design tools to transform your name into art.

Photoshop Love Text Effect for Valentine Day Tutorials

Photoshop Love Text Effect for Valentine Day

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create an "I Love You" text art effect from scratch. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I have lots of resources that are not published yet for this special occasion. So here is a new tutorial with a beautiful I love you text message made in Photoshop. Nothing to complicated and I hope you'll have the time to make it for this Valentine.

We will only need some simple heart brushes with layer style added, to create this Photoshop love text effect. Very easy to customize, so feel free to try other colors, textures and so on. I hope you like it, and decide to share it with all your friends!

New Year Golden Text with Sparklers in Photoshop Tutorials

New Year Golden Text with Sparklers in Photoshop

Goodbye 2020 and welcome Happy New Year 2021! In this Photoshop tutorial we are going to create a party flyer or a greeting card for celebrating the beginning of this new year. We'll use festive ingredients like a lot of gold, sparklers, bokeh lights, sparkle textures, golden ribbons and so on.

Halftone Gradient Tutorials

Halftone Gradient

In this short Photoshop tutorial I will show you how to make a halftone gradient in just one minute. Halftone gradients are very useful especially for creating custom comic books or cartoon comic book effects. You will learn not only to create a halftone gradient, but also how to angle the halftone pattern and how to create a color halftone gradient pattern.

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Pop Art Photoshop Tutorials

Pop Art Photoshop

Learn how to create pop art in Photoshop in just a few easy steps. I will show you how to quickly create photo pop art effects with Photoshop. Turn a photo into pop art using Photoshop. If you want even quicker results you can try the Pop Art Photoshop action that are featured in this tutorial.

Polaroid Effect Photoshop Tutorials

Polaroid Effect Photoshop

How do you make a Polaroid effect in Photoshop? In this tutorial I will show you how to transform any photo into a Polaroid effect using Photoshop tools and techniques. This Photoshop tutorial is for beginners and intermediate users. The Polaroid Effect is a very popular photo effect and is one of the many vintage effects for which you will find tutorials here on PSDDude. The vintage Polaroid photo effect transforms the shape of the photo, but also the colors and texture of the photo to make it into a real vintage photo.

How To Curve Text In Photoshop Tutorials

How To Curve Text In Photoshop

Learn how to curve text in Photoshop from this tutorial for beginners. In this Photoshop lesson you will learn useful tips to make curve text in Photoshop. You will be able to make Photoshop curved text, Photoshop circle text and also Photoshop warp text.


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