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Name Design Tutorial: Create Custom Name Art Online
Tutorials Text Effects 33226 July 20th, 2024

Learn how to create eye-catching name art designs with our step-by-step tutorial. Use MockoFun's easy tools to transform your name into personalized art. Perfect for wall art, stickers, and more!

Name Design: Name Editing Online

Combine text, fonts, text tails and ligatures, graphic elements, frames and borders to create amazing name designs for your friends and loved ones. Here are a few examples of name designs that we'll create:

Name Design
🌷 🌸 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼 β€” β†’ ONLINE Name Art Design β€” β€” β€” 🌷 🌸 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼
A name design is an image of your name written or drawn in an artistic style. The name design is also called name art design as it uses graphic elements & stylized text.

We will cover the following in this name design tutorial:

What is a Name?

A name is a word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred to. Example: β€œMy name is Olivia”. So, a name is a term used for identification. A personal name identifies, not necessarily uniquely, a specific individual human.

Name Design Name Design
Name Design Online

People usually have a first name and a last name. The first name is the given name and the last name is the family name.

Names are not unique, so many people can share the same name. Still, you can display your name in a unique style by using a name design.

Name Design
β€” β€” Doodle Name Design β€” β€”

How to Draw Name Designs?

There are lots of cool ways to draw your name. You only need to find a text style for your name design.

See some other cool ideas for inspiration when creating name design images.

These are just few of the text styles that you can use to write your name in a creative way:

  • Calligraphy name
  • Graffiti name
  • Doodle name
  • Tattoo name design
  • Floral name design
  • Monogram name
  • Signature name design, etc.

To create name design you don’t necessarily need drawing skills. Use a graphic design software like Photoshop, Gimp, MockoFun, etc.

I will show you how to create a name design online with MockoFun . You will see how easy it is to make a text design online free.

Name Design Art

MockoFun is free online text editor with fonts that anyone can use to create awesome name designs. You can use this graphic design software as logo generator to create a company name design!

How to draw name designs? In the MockoFun gallery you will find cool designs to draw your name without drawing skills.

TUTORIAL: How to Draw Name Designs Online

In order to draw name designs online, you have to open the MockoFun graphic design tool and start creating.

Name Drawing

Step 1. Add Text Name (simple text, curved text, spiral text, heart text or wavy text)

To make a name art online, first, open a New document with the size that you need.

Next, go to Text menu and add a single line text.

Write Name Online

You can also choose one of the text on path options. The curved text looks really great for name design. But, you can try the other fancy text style like:

Curved Text
Curved Text | Circle Text | Heart Text | Spiral Text

To edit text, double click on the text and write your name.

If you choose a special text like curved text, the edit text box will appear under the text.

Name Online

Step 2. Choose the Font (cursive fonts, calligraphy fonts, signature fonts, graffiti fonts, sketch fonts, doodle fonts, etc.)

On the top menu you have a drop-down list with fonts. Choose a font that you like from a list of 800 free fonts online .

Signature Name Fancy Fonts
+800 Free Online Fonts

TIP: Do you want to upload your own font? In order to upload your font online you have to get a πŸ’Ž premium user subscription.

For this example, I will use the Antara Distance font which is a very beautiful cursive font.

There are lots of calligraphy fonts to choose from so it might take you awhile to decide. To pick the best font for your project is not that easy πŸ™‚.

Your Name Online

With this free cursive name generator you can write name in cursive easily.

Step 3. Add Text Tails and Ligature to Create Unique Fonts (custom font or personalized font)

For writing names, I prefer to use cursive fonts or handwritten fonts. The calligraphy name design is one of my favorite text styles.

A cursive font with lines or a cursive font with tails looks even more beautiful.

Font Tails
FREE Font Tails

Unfortunately, NOT all the fonts are fonts with tails . In fact very few free fonts have tails and ligatures.

How to Add Tails to Fonts?

MockoFun is a great font with tail generator. Create your own swash tail font in minutes.

Go to Elements > Shapes > Text Tails & Ligatures and choose a font tail from the list.

Text Tail

Pick the font tail that you want. It’s important to use the same color as the font.

You can resize the text tail, rotate and even add a Stroke outline if the text tail is too thin compared to your font.

Font with Tail

Step 4. Add Text Symbols (star symbol, heart symbol, crown symbol)

With MockoFun you can insert text symbols in text. Copy paste a text symbol that you like.

Check out my text symbols collections: arrow symbol , heart symbol ❀ , star symbol β˜…, or other copy paste text symbols . β—‰.

Step 5. Add Graphic Elements (illustrations, shapes)

If you want your name design to look really awesome, you can add graphic elements like for example floral vector.

Go to Elements > Shapes and/or Elements > Illustrations and in the Nature category you have lots of flower vector images to choose from.

Name Drawing

In the Elements > Illustrations gallery you have not only floral graphics but also some cute animals.

Use these graphics for kids to create a baby name art. You can create nursery wall art & nursery wall stickers with personalized details like the name of your baby, date of birth, etc.

Baby Name Art

Nursery wall decals that are usually used for baby room designs are: name signs (made from metal, wood or plastic), wall stickers and posters.

Use this magic photo name editor to create any name design you need for your project. Write name in style on photo online in just a few easy steps.

If you want to write name on image , simply Upload your own image or, choose one from the Elements > Photos gallery.

Name Editor

Step 6. Add Frames, Borders & Texture

If you want to add a floral frame or a watercolor frame, go to Elements > Frames > Nature or Elements > Effects > Watercolor and choose one from the list.

In the Effects category you have lots of textures. For this name design art I will choose an old paper texture .

Name Design Art

To edit the texture image, use Blending Modes and Filters from the top menu. To write names in design is so easy and fun!

Step 7. Add Text Effects (texture & pattern, stroke/outline, shadow)

To edit name in style more quickly, try the premade text design ideas:

  • Text Effects (These are alphabet letters images; the font can not be changed, only the colors). Try these letters if you look for fancy ways to write your name.
Letters Images
Letters Images [PNG Letters]
Name Images
FREE Text Styles Online

Create name images with these cool text effects.

Note that, this is a name picture (name image), so you can NOT copy paste it as text. You have to download the name pictures (JPG, PNG, PDF) and insert them as images.

Use the cool text effects for business name design. The logo name generator is available for free. Plus, the name logo maker includes free premade logos.

Step 8. Save Template and Download Image

After you completed the name editing in different styles, you can do two things:

  • Save the name template in your gallery for further use. Click on the Save button from the left menu.
  • Download the name image as JPG, PNG or PDF . To download the name PNG with transparent background, go to Background from the left menu and make sure the background color is transparent.

Now you know how to how to draw names online without any drawing skills. Below you have a list of ways in which you can use your word design art .

Places where you can use your name design: wall art (e.g. posters), business cards, birthday cards, jewelry design, tattoo design, print on T-shirts, mugs, notebooks, name art dp (display picture), name editing on pictures, etc.

Using word art and name style design is a very good way to personalize your space. Use custom artwork to make your room more welcoming.

Name Generator
Online Name Editor

There are lots of framing ideas that I can use to frame my name.

A beautiful framed name works best with a simple natural wood frame. Or, if you like the minimalist look, try a thin metal frame with black or white color.

Name Art
Design Name Online Free

Name art images are used not only for prints, also for web. For example, you can use this tool as a WhatsApp dp name creator.

Use the name dp for WhatsApp or for other social media profile picture .

  1. Pick a photo from the Elements > Photos gallery or Upload a photo.
  2. Then, add your name initial on the photo; create a T name dp, S name dp, A name dp and so on. (see the examples below)
Name dp
Name Art dp (Display picture)

Create stylish images of letter M or any other name initial that you want. You just have to find the photo and the style for the initial letter.

You don’t need drawing skills to draw your name. Write name online and choose a style that you like: calligraphy, doodle, graffiti, etc.

MockoFun is probably the best name designer that you can use online. Make any name art text and use it online or for print.

Name Drawing
Stylish Name Editing Online

With a name text editor online you can make cool name designs just like these ones. MockoFun is not an ordinary text name editor online , itβ€˜s probably one of the the best style name editor available online.

Other free art name generator alternative that you can use to make text images are: CoolText, FlamingText, Font-Generator, TextFx, TextGiraffe, etc.

Similar to MockoFun are also BeFunky , Fotor, Lunapic and other photo editing tools.

Check out my list of 15+ photo editing tools that you should know.

If you know other name design generator that has more interesting or unique features, please leave me a comment below.

The internet is full of name design ideas. In the next section, you have some name design that you can use online.

Doodle Name β€” (Only 4$)


Create your own doodle online. Doodle name art in just a few minutes with MockoFun!

Doodle Name
β€” β€” Doodle Name Design β€” β€”

Print this doodle name without colors and use the name design as coloring page for you or your kids.

So, if you are looking for name coloring pages , get this name art. We all know that name coloring pages are a great way to relax.

If you are looking for a simple doodle art name that you can edit online, check out this name design template.

Doodle Name Design

It’s text design online really easy to use. Edit the name, change the font and customize all the colors.

Watch the 🎬 πŸ‘€ Doodle Name Art video for more details on how to use this style name editor online.

If you are looking for name art ideas for kindergarten, this kids name art is just perfect. I know that teachers are always looking for new and interesting name art project ideas.

Also, if you need a personalised baby name wall art , get this design. All the elements are in separate layers so, it’s quite easy to change the font, the colors and so on.

Buy the Custom Name Art on Etsy

If you don’t really know how to work with this online tool, you can check out this custom name art deal on Etsy.

Custom Name Design

Doodle Name Art (Only 4$)


This template is useful not only as a name art but also as a word design. Double click on the text and input any word you want like love, smile, etc.

Name Art
πŸ˜Žβ€β€β€β™‘ DOWNLOAD: Doodle Name Art β™‘β€β€β€πŸ˜Ž

Really unique name text design that is perfect for a kid or a teenager. Print this image and make a name poster; it’s a great gift!

You can print this name image without colors to use it as a coloring name .

Doodle Name Art
πŸ˜Žβ€β€β€β™‘ DOWNLOAD: Doodle Name Art β™‘β€β€β€πŸ˜Ž

Use outline fonts like this one to create bubble name art. All you have to do is to make a font with outline. Set the text color white and the outline color black.

Learn how to make word coloring pages from this quick tutorial for beginners.

There are lots of cool ways to write your name on paper and this is for sure one of my favorite. I absolutely love the drawing part.

In this video tutorial, you see how easy it is to make a coloring name .

Fonts for Coloring Books

There are lots of 🐌 fonts for coloring that you can try. The outline fonts & doodle fonts are the best fonts for coloring .

Watercolor Name Art (Only 4$)

EDIT ONLINE & DOWNLOAD: Watercolor Name Art

Beautiful watercolor name that you can edit and personalize online. Make your own custom name art in minutes!

Watercolor Name Art

If you want your name written in a beautiful way, use a nice watercolor font decorated with watercolor flowers . Looks so romantic and girly!

Doodle Name Art for Kids (Only 5$)

EDIT ONLINE & DOWNLOAD: Doodle Name Art for Kids

Personalized name art onlin e in doodle style. This is another printable coloring name.

This doodle art is great for kids, especially for boys. You can print this doodle city with color or in black and white as coloring page.

Name Art for Kids
Name Art for Kids

If you are looking for a name art for kids, you can download this name image.

Use the name template maker to edit and personalize the design. Create a name coloring page for your children. They will love it!

Name Coloring Page
Name Coloring Page

It’s a great wall art for a children room. You can also use it as a kindergarten room decor.

Edit the text and add your own name, choose the font that you like the best and download the design.

Name Street Sign β€” (FREE)


You can make your own street sign online. Edit the street sign template and download the image. This is a street sign PNG (street sign clipart), not a physical product.

Name Street Sign
Street Sign Maker Online

You can also choose to print this image on sticker paper and stick it on your wall, door, notebook, laptop, etc.

Street Sign Wall

If you want custom metal street signs, check out the Amazon items: Green Street Sign & Custom Street Sign (with color choice).

Try these types of personalised street signs; theyβ€˜re perfect for wall decor.

Name Signature Logo β€” (Only 2$)

EDIT ONLINE & DOWNLOAD: Name Signature Logo

Create your calligraphy name and choose one of the many handwritten fonts and signature fonts that are available in the online text editor.

With this modern calligraphy generator you are able to create a beautiful handwritten name.

Add text tails and font swashes. In the tutorial I have explained in detail how to add swashes to font.

So, if you are looking for a calligraphy name generator, you can try this one.

Name Signature Logo
Name Signature Logo

Signature logos are used for all types of businesses, especially the ones that are related to beauty, design and art in general.

Photography signature logos are the most common choice when it comes to signature logos.

But, you can use a signature logo for an interior design company, for a flower shop, a jewelry business, etc.

Heart Name: Tattoo Name β€” (Only 3$)


It’s easy to create a heart shaped logo or a heart logo design . But, this design works best for a heart tattoo or even better for a heart name tattoo .

Heart Name

To make a beautiful heart name you can also use this free heart font from PhotoshopSupply.

Name Monogram: Split Monogram β€” (Only 4$)


Monogram name that you can edit and personalize online.

If you are looking for a last name monogram generator, get this template. Make your own last name monogram in minutes.

You only have to replace the name initial and to write your name. It’s that easy! Print your name monogram design on paper to make a wall poster, on a mug, on a T-shirt or even on a tote bag.

Split Monogram

A split letter monogram and art letters in general are very versatile designs. For example, this name monogram design can also be used as company logo.

Check out this custom metal signs: Personalised Metal Sign , Metal Name Sign and Laser Cut Name .

Personalised Metal Sign Metal Name Sign Laser Cut Name
Personalised Metal Signs (BUY from Amazon)

Watercolor Name β€” (Only 4$)


This is a watercolor name art that you can edit and customize online. Make your own custom name art in minutes!

You can change the text and the font type. All the colors (text, vector graphics and watercolor texture) are also editable.

If you look for cool ways to write your name online, this text effect looks really beautiful on paper and other printing materials.

Name Label β€” (FREE)


Kids name label that you can also use as name tag. Make name labels for kids or any other personalized name labels for school.

Name Label

Choose the color of the label, edit the text, pick a font that you like, add vector graphics, etc. Inside the text you can also use text symbols and text emoji .

Hello My Name Is Tag β€” (FREE)


This is a simple name tag design , editable online. Change the text, choose other fonts, edit the color and add your name on the name tag. Try this free name tag generator!

If you want to make name tags from scratch, check out this tutorial on how to use the ID card maker online .

Name Tag

To make a company ID card online is just as easy. Read my tutorial for step by step instructions.

Graffiti Name β€” (Only 4$)


You get a graffiti alphabet that you can use to write your name; the graffiti letters work only inside the MockoFun online text editor.

So, this is a graffiti name generator that you can use online. The graffiti tag name generator from MockoFun is easy to use and customize.

Change the color of the graffiti text and add brick textures if you like the effect. You can eve add graffiti tags from the elements gallery.

Graffiti Name

Graffiti Name β€” (Only 3$)


Create your free name design art or as a quick solution, buy this premade graffiti name art.

This item is similar to the previous item; a graffiti alphabet that you can use to write your name creatively. Important to know that the graffiti letters work only inside the MockoFun online text editor.

Name Design
Graffiti Name Generator

Use this online graffiti name generator to change text, colors, font size, splatter effects, etc.

Graffiti Name Generator
Graffiti Name Generator

If you want to use a classic graffiti font, you have plenty of free graffiti fonts to choose from.

Arrow Tattoo with Name β€” (4$)

Edit Online & Download: Arrow Tattoo with Name

With MockoFun you can make a name design tattoo. Below you have some creative ideas for name tattoos.

Arrow Tattoo with Name

Create your own custom name tattoo using fancy fonts and vector shapes like arrow, star, crown, etc.

Arrow tattoo with name

To make name tattoos like these, use text & text symbols like heart, arrow, star, etc. So, try this online name tattoos generator!

Glitter Name β€” (It’s FREE)

Edit Online & Download: Glitter Name (combine fonts & text symbols)

Cute glitter name that is easy to edit online. Change the glitter font, the text and the color. Add also text symbols like star, heart, arrow, crown, etc.

Glitter Name

This is a word design free template so, you can download it and use it for free. Turn any font into a sparkling glitter font.

Go to Text > Text Styles menu and there you have a list of over 25 text styles to create your own free name design in minutes.

Word Coloring Pages

If you want to make word coloring pages online, check out this quick tutorial for beginners.

Word Coloring Pages Word Coloring Pages

Name Style Design β€” (Only 5$)


This name style design looks great as a notebook name. It will also look amazing as a name logo or as a business card name design. I’s your choice how you decide to use it!

Notebook Name

Name Art Image β€” (Only 6$)


Name Poster
Name Poster β†’ Wall Art

Create your own free name design art or purchase this name template. You get 2 name designs with floral vector and font tails.

Name Art Image
Name Art Image

If you don’t want to write the entire name, only the initial, you can create name art letters.

The art letters design below is easy to edit and personalize. Make your own floral letters font with custom details.

Name Art Letters

The flower letters font is useful for making greeting cards, birthday cards, posters and also to print on different objects like mugs, pillows, tote bags, etc.

Wreath Logo β€” (Only 4$)


Customize this beautiful wreath logo and make it your own.

First step, edit the text. Than, choose a font that you like. Cursive fonts and handwritten fonts are the best choice for this type of floral logo .

Wreath Logo Mug Name
🌷 🌸 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼 Flower Logo [ Floral Logo Design ] 🌷 🌸 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼

For the final touches, you can change the color of the floral wreath . Plus, you can rearrange the flower elements and even add new ones from the gallery.

Learn how to create a circle logo using curved text, text symbols and vector graphics in Photoshop.

Custom Pin Badge β€” (Only 2$)


Pin Badge

Use the online badge maker to create pin badges and button badge design.

Then, print these round badges, cut them into round shapes and make button badges.

Name Stickers β€” (FREE)


Online Stickers
Online Stickers Made with MockoFUN

How to Make Stickers?

If you wonder how to make name stickers , the answer is pretty simple.

Use one of these Online Stickers or create custom stickers from scratch with MockoFUN . Write your name using a font that you like. Then, add vector graphics, illustrations or even photos.

Download the name sticker design as PNG file or PDF file with transparent background.

To print the name stickers, simply upload the name sticker design on 🌺 Printful β€” online printing service.

So, if I want to write my name in cursive, to make name logos or to make any other name design, I use the name design maker from MockoFun.

Create your own name design. Here are some popular names: Ava name design, Isabella name design, Rachel name design, Nicole name design, Alexa name design, Olivia name design, Michael name design, Maria name design

Custom Name Jewelry

So, you can easily print your name on posters, birthday cards, mugs and T-shirts. But, did you know that you can also add your name on jewelry?

Next, I want to show you some beautiful personalized jewelry. Custom name jewelry are great as gifts for girls .

The list contains two beautiful heart necklaces and a heart ring with real diamonds. All the items are tiny and have a really cute design.

❀ Name Necklace Gold β€” Personalised Necklace with Name

DESIGN β€” 14K Solid Gold Natural Diamond with Swarovski Birthstone | Personalized Name Necklace | Custom Name Plates Necklace

Name Necklace Gold

❀ Initial Ring Gold β€” Beautiful Letter Ring Gold

DESIGN β€” 14K Solid Gold Natural Diamond Initial Letter Personalized | Stacking Ring for Women | Rose, White & Yellow Gold | Letters (A-Z), Sizes (4–8)

Initial Ring Gold

❀ Custom Name Necklace β€” Infinity Necklace with Name

DESIGN β€” 14K Solid Gold | MyNameNecklace Infinity Name Necklace β€” Eternal Love Jewelry with 2 Names

Custom Name Necklace

If you are looking for custom jewelry or name jewelry, check out these items from Amazon marketplace. Custom name jewelry look great!

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