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Free Water Texture Images (High Quality)

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Free water texture images and backgrounds that you can use in your photo manipulations. This new collection of free water texture images is very useful for graphic design projects. The list contains different kinds of water and aqua textures in different colors and patterns. You can use these images to create realistic water surface for your photo manipulations.

Some of these images are tileable and can be used as seamless patterns in Photoshop. Find more texture in our previous water surface texture collection.

In this list you will find all kind of textures like ocean textures, underwater backgrounds, pool water textures and many more.

Create amazing water text effects or beautiful underwater photo manipulations using these images in a creative way.

Fountain Water Texture with Reflection

Wavy Water Texture

Black Sea Water Texture Free

Sea Water Foam Texture with Waves

Creepy Underwater Texture Horror Background for Photoshop

Turbulence Waves Sea Water Background

Foam Sea Water Texture

Water sparkles texture

Pool Water texture

Water texture

Sea Wave Foam Background

Turquoise Water Reflection Texture

Pond Water Texture

Textures Water Collection

Grungy Pool Aqua Background

Grunge Water Background

Poolwater texture for Photoshop

25 Water Textures

Turquoise Waves texture

Teal Sea Texture

Water Surface Texture

Ocean waves Texture

Calm Water Surface

Wavy Sea Texture

Water Sparkle Bokeh Texture

Ripple Rings Water Surface Texture

Water Background

Wavy Water Surface Texture

Gentle Seas Texture

Sea Water Surface

Jade Sea Texture

Water Surface 2

Gray Ocean Texture

Seamless Water Texture Free

Moonlight Black Water Texture Free Background

Water Pool Texture Seamless and Free

Sea Wavy Water Texture with Sun Light Texture Free

Horror Blood Water Texture Free Download

Seamless Underwater Texture

Fountain Splash Water Texture

Fountain Water Texture Pack

Rage of turbulent water background

Turbulent water texture

Turbulent water

Water ripples 2

Calm Water Landscape

Ripple Aqua Texture

If you are looking for more elaborated water textures you can try this amazing and free underwater premade backgrounds for Photoshop manipulations and other graphic design projects.

If you are looking for great quality water texture and backgrounds for your projects you can find lots of free images at Textures4Photoshop.

Sand Writing

Sand Writing Photoshop Style Action

You can also check out this awesome water text PSD mockup that you can download for free.

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