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Free Collection Of Lightroom Presets For Wedding Photography

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Our friends at FixThePhoto have kindly provided us with this free collection of Lightroom presets for wedding photography. Download these professional Adobe Lightroom presets using the link below. But first, let's take a look at what these presets can do for your wedding photos.

What Are Adobe Lightroom Presets

adobe lightroom logo Adobe Lightroom is used by professional and amateur photographers to process photos. It has tons of options for processing photos even more advanced than Photoshop. You could probably achieve similar photo effects in both Photoshop and in Lightroom, but Adobe Lightroom is optimized specifically for photo processing.

If I now look back at my photography journey from beginner to advanced, I ran into Lightroom quite late. But, it was for sure a big plus for me.

From color corrections to sharpening and channel adjustments, it's very easy to get lost in Adobe Lightroom.

But, there's hope for the less Lightroom savvy:

If you like a combination of photo adjustments, you can save it as a Lightroom preset (.lrtemplate). This is very useful because you can apply the preset to batches of photos and reuse these presets in the future.

Adobe Lightroom already comes installed with some presets out-of-the-box. But, you can also save custom presets - these are called User Presets.

In today's freebie we are offering a collection of such user presets for wedding photography.

So, if you are into wedding photography, these presets might save you a lot of time. You will be able to get 10 different looks that will transform wedding photos and give them a special look.

Adobe Lightroom Preset Collection For Wedding Photography

Quick Tip: If you want to add your logo or a text over your photos when creating your photographer portfolio, here's an awesome article about how to add watermark to photos online and for free using MockoFun.

Wedding Photography On A Budget

How much money do you spend on professional wedding photography equipment, like cameras, lenses, and tripods?

We think, that's a lot.

Ok, now let’s calculate, how much money do you spend on the different picture editing software licenses, additional tools, and services? What, if we say, that there is a way you can save money, by using quality image editing freebies like free Adobe Lightroom presets?

Why wedding photographers need free Lightroom presets?

Free Lightroom presets will easily get on with pictures made in various styles, underlying the brightness and colors.

All free wedding Lightroom presets, stylized vintage, popular matte and glowing effects, free Lightroom presets for portraits and landscapes can speed your volume photo editing and color correction.

Free Wedding Lightroom Presets Collection

lightroom wedding photography preset before and after

With this collection of wedding LR plugins there are soft and pastel color pallets, which will make your wedding photos really gorgeous. The photographer can look at the pictures with different perspectives, and then adjust and change some settings in just a few clicks. To make each love story special and show all the romance, use the following free Lightroom presets bundle.

Let's take a look at each individual photo effect you can achieve using these Lightroom presets.

Lightroom preset #1: Cold night

Lightroom preset #1: Cold night

This plugin makes your photo cozier, adding more soft tones. It easily underlines all the tenderness of lovers and shows their feelings.

Lightroom preset #2: Warm filter

Lightroom preset #2: Warm filter

Free Lightroom presets “Warm filter” will give the image additional warmness and a vintage look. You will change the contrast, shadows, vibrancy, and darks. On the other hand lessen highlights, saturation, and light.

Lightroom preset #3: Medium Contrast

Lightroom preset #3: Medium Contrast

These free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers add some contrast and soft color shades so the images become more intense.

Lightroom preset #4: Toning

Lightroom preset #4: Toning Colors

Toning, which is one of the popular free Wedding Lightroom presets, gives your image a split tone effect, as well as adds some contrast and saturation.

Lightroom preset #5: Warm matte

Lightroom preset #5: Warm matte

Warm matte preset creates the most cinematic and creative look for wedding photos among other free Lightroom presets. You will expand blacks, shadows, and vibrancy.

Lightroom preset #6: Warm White balance

Lightroom preset #6: Warm White balance

This type of free Wedding Lightroom presets tunes the white balance to warm colors. To create such results, it will lessen contrast, dark and clarity.

Lightroom preset #7: Soft light

Lightroom preset #7: Soft light

Give your pictures more soft lights with this wedding preset. It suits for a photo session on the beach or during a cloudy evening.

Lightroom preset #8: B & W photos

Lightroom preset #8: black and white photos

It seems that black & white images will always be in trend. Such free Wedding Lightroom presets help catch feelings and emotions better, than colorful photos.

Lightroom preset #9: Vintage Soft

Lightroom preset #9: Vintage Soft

Want to create memorable photos with a wow effect? We advise you to try this LR preset. All vintage plugins are the best free Lightroom presets 2018. They show all the tenderness and romance of each love story.

Lightroom preset #10: Toning orange

Lightroom preset #10: Toning orange

Tuning highlights and shadows can create a really eye-catching result in the end. Toning orange makes your photos more intense.

Download And Use The Free Adobe Lightroom Preset Collection For Wedding Photography



After you download the presets, extract the files in the following location:

If you are on a Mac:
Macintosh HD\Users\<username>\Library\Application Support\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets

If you are on Windows:
Computer\[C:]\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets

Then restart Lightroom and if you go to the Develop module and open the Presets panel on the left you should now have 10 new Lightroom presets.

lightroom user presets panel

Share Your Thoughts

Did you find good use for this freebie? Let me know how these Lightroom presets have helped you in a comment below.

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