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Crumpled and Folded Paper Textures

Resources Textures 118577 3/3/2018 12:00:00 AM

New collection of free paper textures with a crumpled folded effect. Paper backgrounds are very popular among digital artists as can be used in so many creative ways. You can use them to create a cool looking paper text effect, you can use it to create backgrounds for mixed media artworks, you can use them to create patterns and website backgrounds to name just a few ideas. So I really hope you will enjoy this new collection of free textures.

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Seamless texture crumpled paper free

Folded Paper Texture

Folded Old Paper Texture

Fold Paper texture Free pack

torn and folded paper

Crumpled paper texture high res

Crinkled Brown Paper Texture

Folded Wrinkled Paper Texture

Creased Brown Paper Page

Wrinkled lined paper with grunge effect free texture

Old Paper Texture Crumpled and Folded

Old Stained Paper Texture

2 times folded page

Fold paper page Texture

Crumpled paper effect texture overlay for photoshop

Paper Texture

Grunge crumpled paper free texture

Folded in half page texture

Crumpled Paper Texture Pack

Crumpled Paper Texture

Crumpled Distressed Paper Texture

Wrinkled Folded Page Background

Seamless texture crumpled paper with blue color

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3:32 AM Thursday, February 20, 2014
Another useful free crumpled texture that you might like:
9:13 AM Monday, July 7, 2014
Folded Paper Texture reply

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