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Huge collection of old vintage paper textures that every designer must have. The list contains free old paper textures that you can use in your projects. Crumpled and wrinkled paper, watercolor paper, ripped and folded paper, vintage and grunge paper, dirty aged paper and many more textures can be find inside this list. These dusty old paper textures are hand picked from Deviantart and Textures4Photoshop, so the quality is great and they are ready to be used in Photoshop.


15 Free Vintage Paper Textures

Grunge Stained Old Paper Texture

Grunge Textures

Coffee Stain Grunge Texture Free Download

Grunge Crumpled Paper Free Texture

Retro Comic Book Texture Background

Vintage Comic Book Texture Halftone

Grungy paper texture

Grunge paper background texture

Dirty Aged Paper Texture

Free Paper Texture Pack - 64 Card Stock Photos

Grungy stained paper texture

Coffee Stains Dirty Paper

Wrinkled Paper Texture

Vintage Envelope Texture

Torn and Folded Vintage Paper

Grungy spotted vintage paper

Old Book Pages Texture

Old Paper Parchment

Grungy document paper texture

Vintage Letter Texture

Vintage paper texture

Old Folded Paper Texture

Torn Edges Vintage Paper Background

Very Old Paper Page Image

Old Parchment Paper Fragment

Rough Vintage Paper Page

Aged Dirty Page Texture

Vintage paper folded texture

Vintage lined paper notebook

Old Book cover paper

Free Old Paper Textures for Commercial Use

Old paper manuscript letter texture

Vintage Map on Paper Texture

Ripped Corner Old Scroll Texture

Old yellowed paper diary

Old Celtic Letter Paper Free Texture

Old Document Page with Typewriter Letters

Vintage paper seamless textures pack

Old Newspaper Texture

Old trading paper playing cards

Vintage Folded paper texture

Open Book Old Pages Texture

Old Yellow Letters Texture

Old Grunger Paper Texture

Old Script Folded Page Texture

Want Even More Old Paper Textures?

Check out this list of 30+ Old Paper Textures For Designers ready to download and use in your projects.

Create sepia tone in Photoshop with this free Photoshop action. With sepia filter you can create old vintage photo effects really quick and easy!

Vintage Photo Effect Photoshop Action

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4 comment(s) for "Old Vintage Paper Textures for Designers"

3:19 AM Monday, February 9, 2015
Another great pack of free old and distressed paper textures with scratches : reply
2:24 AM Wednesday, March 11, 2015
This is a great collection, thank you! reply
Terri Mertz
Terri Mertz
4:56 AM Thursday, February 23, 2017
I love these. thank you! reply
Pixel Resources
Pixel Resources
1:06 PM Monday, April 29, 2019
wow this paper textures looks very useful, thanks reply

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