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Interview with Digital Artist Monika Schoffmann Resources

Interview with Digital Artist Monika Schoffmann

Resources Interviews 4893 Views

I came across Monika Schoffmann art works while I was browsing deviantArt and got impressed with her beautiful style. Monika is actually a young and very talented digital artist from Munich. Even if, as she confesses, illustration is just a small part of what she does, in today's article we will focus only on her amazing illustrations.

I really hope you will enjoy reading this interview and discover some little secrets about her techniques, her sources of inspiration and why not some details about her life in general. Below you will find some of Monika Schoffmann art works that I've picked up with great difficulty because I love all of them.

Interview with one of my favourite Photoshop artists Cindy Grundsten Resources

Interview with one of my favourite Photoshop artists Cindy Grundsten

Resources Interviews 15448 Views

I have stumbled upon Cindy Grundsten's Photoshop art works while browsing through deviantArt. I was very impressed by her great imagination. Her style is very close to my heart. I have always loved this fairy tale inspired art works, a fantasy world where even if dragons and bad creatures exist, good is always the winner.

Cindy Grundsten is a very talented digital artist, her blending techniques are great, she knows exactly what images to put together so that she creates art, not kitsch! The world she envisions is sweet, mysterious - a magic world where many strange things can happen!

I like Cindy because she is like me but with years of talent and hard work ahead! Let's find out more about one of my favorite artist Cindy Grundsten!

Interview with brilliant digital artist Vitaly S. Alexius Resources

Interview with brilliant digital artist Vitaly S. Alexius

Resources Interviews 8809 Views

I am an Antagonist he says and we say he is also a complete artist with lot of imagination and perfect digital painting techniques. Vitaly S. Alexius tries and succeeds in my opinion to create quality material in different art areas such as photography, digital art or writing. He writes poems inspired by most of his digital art works and even started his own sci-fi novel - Chronoscape. He also stared a bold project, his own comic book named Romantically Apocalyptic.

But the main reason of this interview is because of his amazing digital art work. He defines a new concept in his art named - "Dreaminism, the sense of shifted reality realized in the split second before the waking." He describes visually the chaos: apocalyptic scenery, a world of war and terror, his sky is always dark and unpredictable. Terrific creatures, angels of death and burned cities are all part of Vitaly S. Alexius dynamic world. Let's discover some interesting details about this talented artist!

Interview with digital artist Mattijn Franssen Resources

Interview with digital artist Mattijn Franssen

Resources Interviews 11044 Views

I stumbled upon Mattijn Franssen's photo manipulations while browsing through Flickr. I was very impressed by his technique and style and decided to take him an interview. And even if he prefers to speak trough his art, he kindly accepted.

I like that Mattijn's artwork tells a story, there are not just another nonsense photo manipulations. He takes a concept or a feeling and he transpose it visually so perfect with a lot of character! If his artworks were not obviously surreal I might bet I am looking at real photos. That says a lot about the colors, the blending technique, etc. His images actually speak and sing a strange music for those that have soul to listen!

Interview with Photomanipulation Master, Erik Johansson Resources

Interview with Photomanipulation Master, Erik Johansson

Photo manipulation are always fascinating to look at, because they separate reality from what we actually see. When done with utmost perfection, it looks so stunning that one cannot find the difference between what is real and what is not. In this article, we will meet one such artist who????????s works are quite familiar to almost everyone because they are featured in most of the popular websites. Erik Johansson is a student and a photographer in Sweden and when he sits down to create some of his art works, he really means business.

Interview With Fantasy Artist Skam Works Resources

Interview With Fantasy Artist Skam Works

Artist Maksimilijan Gecevic, better known as Skam, is a master of producing fantasy artworks. His visuals show vivid events unfolding in practically every illustration he creates. In our interview Skam talks about the benefits of being in a design collective as well as some of his upcoming projects. So let????????s get into another interview with a great artist.

Pete Harrison Interview Resources

Pete Harrison Interview

Pete Harrison is a very successful designer that has mastered the art of photo-manipulation. As a freelance designer Pete works for many different companies doing commissioned work, he explains to us what a designer needs to do to find clients, as well as his inspiration for his work. Pete is also currently working with a clothing line, so be sure to check it all out.

Interview with Digital Artist Parker Gibson Resources

Interview with Digital Artist Parker Gibson

Parker Gibson is an upcoming artist trying to make on the big world of digital art and design, he talks about his work, the struggles of being a digital artist, and he also gives us all access to his new projects and future plans, check it out!My name is Parker Gibson, I'm 23 years old and I currently reside in Edwardsville, IL USA. I started doing digital work in the fall of 2007, and am currently in school transferring for my BA in fine arts.

Luis Miguel Torres Interview Resources

Luis Miguel Torres Interview

Luis Miguel Torres is a designer with a unique style and a set of strong beliefs about his place in the design world. Luis????????s style can vary from photo manipulation to an intense collage of numerous different stocks that are blended to complete harmony. Whatever style Luis uses in his art, you can bet it will always come out pleasant to the eyes. So lets get into another great interview with another talented artist.

Anthony Giacomino Interview Resources

Anthony Giacomino Interview

Anthony Giacomino is an extremely talented designer who has already designed art for big names such as Allen Iverson, Randy Moss, and other big name athletes. He is only 20 and is attending school. Anthony currently freelances and in our interview we talk about the pro????????s and con????????s of exactly that. We also discuss his design style and how he creates some of his stunning artwork. So lets get into another great interview with this talented artist.

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