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Low Poly Geometric Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials Resources

Low Poly Geometric Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials

Learn how to create low-poly art from these easy to follow tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator. Usually the low-poly effect is made using the triangulation method. In order to create that geometric polygonal look you have to draw triangles and polygons. The list also contains my new Low-Poly Photoshop Generator that will allow you to create polygonal illustrations from text, vector, graphics and photos.

Photoshop Contour Layer Style Settings Tutorials for Beginners Resources

Photoshop Contour Layer Style Settings Tutorials for Beginners

Learning how to work with Photoshop contours might prove really useful for creating outstanding text layer styles. Contours are among Photoshop presets like brushes, patterns and styles but many people especially newbies don't know how to work with them. From these quick tutorials for beginners you will learn how to use glossy contours, how to create a contour curve, how to load new contours and pretty much all you need to know about this preset.

Photoshop Oil Painting Effect Tutorials Resources

Photoshop Oil Painting Effect Tutorials

Learn how to paint in Photoshop from this easy to follow tutorials. These tutorials show you how to add a realistic painting effect in Photoshop using different filters. Some of these tutorials use the new Oil Paint Filter that comes with CS6 while others teach you other painting effect techniques. Add paint texture to your photos using paint brushes and Photoshop artistic paint filters in just a few simple steps.

Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials Perfect for Valentine Day Resources

Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials Perfect for Valentine Day

There are thousands of Photoshop text effects on the internet but only few of them are perfect for Valentines Day. So in this list I have gathered some of the most suited Valentine text effect tutorials that will help you make a nice surprise for your loved one. You can express your love and other passion related feelings in so many creative ways through words. I hope you will get inspired, so I wish you all to have a Happy Valentines Day!

Add Snow and Winter Photoshop Effects to Your Images Resources

Add Snow and Winter Photoshop Effects to Your Images

Find out how to transform your photo mood from summer time to winter season. In this winter Photoshop tutorials you will learn how to add realistic snowfall effect using snow brushes and filters. And there are also some advanced tutorials that show you how to make a complete snowy winter transformation by adding snow in Photoshop. Related to this resources you might also be interested in some cool snow Photoshop brushes.

Creepy Photoshop Tutorials for Halloween Resources

Creepy Photoshop Tutorials for Halloween

The Halloween has come again this year and we are ready for party. This dark celebration of death is about remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers.

As usual lots of Photoshop tutorials and photo manipulated artworks were made just for this special occasion. So here is a list with brand new Halloween Photoshop tutorials that you might want to try. Happy Halloween!

Color Lookup Adjustment in Photoshop CS6 Resources

Color Lookup Adjustment in Photoshop CS6

What is Color Lookup Adjustment? Well, it is a new Photoshop CS6 feature that is mainly known and used by photographers. Using the color lookup you can quickly create professional photo effects like the one used in the films for example. Some interesting color profiles are the 2strip.look and the 3strip.look that create a retro color look for your images similar to the one used in many movies from 1920-1950s.

Smudge Tool Tutorials for Hair Manipulation in Photoshop Resources

Smudge Tool Tutorials for Hair Manipulation in Photoshop

This list contains some of the most useful tutorials to learn how to use the smudge tool in Photoshop for manipulating hair and fur. The Smudge Tool can be used to easily create hair and fur strands. You will need a graphic tablet or drawing skills to complete this task. To draw hair in Photoshop is not very hard to do but it is for sure a time consuming process; actually the Smudge Tool is kind of slow. But with the help of the Brush Tool and the Smudge Tool you can paint realistic fur and hair in Photoshop.

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