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Dark Surreal Digital Artworks by Toon Hertz Resources

Dark Surreal Digital Artworks by Toon Hertz

Toon Hertz is one of my favorite digital artist because of his unique and creative style. Toon Hertz is a Liege, Belgium based artist. His work is a mix of children illustrations, monster movies, fantasy and dark surrealism. In all his Photoshop manipulations, the dark macabre style is present by a lot of dark color tones, red bloody hearts, creepy landscapes, ghosts, skeletons and other elements. If you like this artist you can give him a like on his Facebook page

Amazing Photo Manipulation of Artist Mirella Santana Resources

Amazing Photo Manipulation of Artist Mirella Santana

Mirella Santana is a young and talented digital artist from Brazil that I have found on deviantart. I was really impressed by her blending techniques as well as her digital painting skills. Mirella creates dark, emotional and fantasy photo manipulations inspired by her own imagination, where she is mixing different stock images and matte painting. I was inspired by her art works and I will try to recreate one of her photo manipulations in a tutorial. You can find Mirella on deviantart Mirella Santana DA Profile or you can join her on facebook.

Amazing Digital Artworks of Talented Artist Larissa Kulik Resources

Amazing Digital Artworks of Talented Artist Larissa Kulik

In this new list we are featuring the amazing artworks of talented artist Larissa Kulik. Beside the inspirational gallery, you will also find out more about Larissa. An interesting subject is what inspires her to create these beautiful photo manipulations and how she sees digital art in general.

Because the photography goes hand in hand with digital art, Larissa is also a good photographer. You can get in touch with her trough multiple social media networks like deviantart or facebook.

Amazing Photo Manipulations by Artist Martin Grohs Resources

Amazing Photo Manipulations by Artist Martin Grohs

Martin Grohs is a digital artist from Leipzig(Saxony, Germany). Martin speaks about himself on his website : " I have been drawing since my early childhood. I've also interested in photography for a long time. The contact with the photography took me to the image processing in Photoshop. Now I've been working with Photoshop for 4 years every day. Meanwhile I have specialized in photo editing and manipulation...".

Even if he is not a professional (yet), he is trying to improve his skills constantly, learning new techniques, searching for his own original style. Martin's assets are his great talent and hard work! In 2011 he is planning to study in the design field and to become a professional. We wish him good luck with all his future's plans!

Beautiful Cute Illustrations by Artist Anita Mejia Resources

Beautiful Cute Illustrations by Artist Anita Mejia

Anita Mejia is a young and very talented mexican artist. She has a well defined style and her cute illustrations captured my attention from the first moment.So I have decided to feature her on my blog!

She does illustrations, cards, character design for magazines, newspapers, advertising, corporate projects. She is involved in participating in different workshops, courses, exhibitions so he is a very active designer. You can see her portofolio, find out more about her and contact Anita on her blog


Funny Caricatures of Celebrities by Artist Anthony Geoffroy Resources

Funny Caricatures of Celebrities by Artist Anthony Geoffroy

We all love caricatures, they are funny and interesting at the same time. But did you ever try to make a caricature?? Well I did and it was very hard! The definition of caricature will be an exaggerated reproduction of someone's face. The aim is to satirical people and create a funny image of them!

In today's list I have found this exceptional artist that will show you how to caricature so different characters. So in this list you will find caricatures of Dr House, caricatures of Rihanna, caricatures of De Niro, caricatures of Amy Winehouse and many more!

You can find Anthony Geoffroy at his new website!


Amazing Artworks of My Favorite Artist David Fuhrer Resources

Amazing Artworks of My Favorite Artist David Fuhrer

David is a self taught artist born in 1985, in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. David Fuhrer is an artist that loves to experiment and innovate. His original digital paintings are placed in the sci fi genre.

David is an extremely talented artist. His inspiring and exciting work captured my attention immediately and i have realized that i have to work harder, to expand my imagination and to pay more attention to the details!

David Fuhrer is a threat for eyes and mind and it is a real joy to feature him on my blog! You can visit David on his website or follow him on twitter.

Amazing Illustrations by David de Ramon Resources

Amazing Illustrations by David de Ramon

I have recently stumbled upon David de Ramon amazing illustrations and I had to add him to my collection of great artists featured here on psd-dude. David de Ramon is a very talented illustrator from Madrid , Spain. He does illustration for magazines, newspaper, advertising, corporate projects or any project that sounds interesting enough to capture his imagination.
You can find David de Ramon on his website or on Behance.
I really hope you like his art work!

The Remarkable Illustrations of Artist Sergey Nikolaev Resources

The Remarkable Illustrations of Artist Sergey Nikolaev

I always had great appreciation for Russian art and artists. The Russians are very talented and we all know their famous ballet art, their famous writers, musicians or painters.

The illustration art genre has also some great names. One of my favorite illustrators is Sergey Nikolaev, a young artist from Moscow, Russia. He has collaboration with different advertising agencies and magazines as an illustrator. He lives and works in Moscow at the moment and he continues working, creating and experimenting with his illustrations, paintings and collages.

For questions regarding the purchase of his illustrations, you can send him an email at : You can also find Sergey here:

If you like Sergey Nikolaev artworks please consider share this list with all your friends!

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