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Vintage Retro Photo Effects Photoshop Actions Resources

Vintage Retro Photo Effects Photoshop Actions

Vintage and retro effects, that make images look dated and old are really popular among graphic designers and photographers. The old vintage look is also used in movies for creating a back in time illusion. In Photoshop you can create that "old-fashioned" look and feel with just a few clicks using actions. So transform your photos back to the 1900's all the way to the 1980's with these amazing and easy to use Photoshop vintage and retro photo effect actions.

Stitched Leather Jeans Label Photoshop Creation Kit Resources

Stitched Leather Jeans Label Photoshop Creation Kit

Brand new pack of Photoshop actions to create your own leather jeans labels with just 1 single click. The stitched leather labels can also be customized using the intact layer styles. You can choose the color of the label, the stitch color and many other details. It is great for creating personalized logos; works great for retro insignia for example. You can also check out our previous collection with some of the best Stitch Effect Photoshop actions

Paradise Island with Sandy Beach Photoshop Creator Resources

Paradise Island with Sandy Beach Photoshop Creator

This is a cool Photoshop action that will help you create a paradise tropical island from any text, shape or raster layer. The set contains 2 actions for making your own sandy beach island in Photoshop with just 1-click. This is a free Photoshop action for all our registered users; you can easily modify the final result as it has all the layers with layer styles intact. You can change the sand color/texture, you can modify the beach size, the water texture and color, etc.

Engrave Illustration Style Photoshop Tutorials and Actions Resources

Engrave Illustration Style Photoshop Tutorials and Actions

Line engraving is a term for engraved images printed on paper to be used as prints or illustrations. These images were used in 18th or 19th century commercial illustrations for magazines and books. To create an engraved style illustration you have to use different line patterns; the most popular pattern used is the wavy line pattern. The engraved style is also used for money bills.

In this new list I have gathered some of the best Photoshop tutorials on how to create realistic engraved illustration effect from scratch. There are also included two video tutorials on how to put your face on a money bill. But the collection also contains some premium resources that will help you achieve this line engraving effect with just a single click using Photoshop actions.

3D Photoshop Action Free Download Resources

3D Photoshop Action Free Download

If you want to obtain a beautiful 3d shape in Photoshop in just a few seconds, you can download this Photoshop action. My 3D action for Photoshop is free for all our users and it has the advantage of being really easy to use. Make sure you have an initial layer named "Shape 1" and that is all. With just one click you will obtain a realistic 3D look.

This 3D generator action works well for any kind of layers, text or vector shapes. I have tested it on some of my custom shapes with different colors and patterns. You can also make 3D text using any font type. All you have to do is be creative.

Watercolor Photoshop Free Action Resources

Watercolor Photoshop Free Action

You can now create watercolor effects in Photoshop with a single click using our free action generator. Turn your images into pastel painting with this Photoshop action; works on any type of photos like landscapes, portraits, etc. The effect uses a realistic watercolor texture and also a paintbrush to make the result close to reality. Hope you like our new watercolor Photoshop action; plase read the instructions before you use it.

Photoshop Fur and Furry Effect Free Action Resources

Photoshop Fur and Furry Effect Free Action

These are free actions for creating fur and furry effects in Photoshop that can be downloaded by all our registered users. The pack includes 2 fur action that are fully editable, fully customizable so you can play with the final result. You can easily add any fur texture that you like with the help of smart objects.

You can always try these fur brushes if you are not quite pleased with the result.

3D Map Photoshop Creator Premium Files Resources

3D Map Photoshop Creator Premium Files

Some of the best 3D map Photoshop creator packs are gathered in this extended collection. There are all kind of map templates for you to get creative and to make a really interesting design for your blog, book, brochure,poster, advertisement campaign and so on. They are all premium files but the price is very low compared to what you get and especially the time you save. This kind of Photoshop templates are always good to have, you never know when you will need a good map generator.

Rename Layers with Photoshop Script Resources

Rename Layers with Photoshop Script

You can easily improve your Photoshop workflow by using automated actions, scripts, plugins and extensions. We all know how unpleasant and most of all time consuming are the repetitive tasks that every designer has to do every day. So automation will solve a lot of problems. I guess many of us are familiar with Photoshop actions, which are basically recorded action flows. Anyone can make a Photoshop action, that is why they are so popular and many of us use them on a daily basis. The extension for a Photoshop action file is ATN and can be loaded through Window>Actions menu.

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