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Face Swap in Photoshop [FREE PS ACTION]

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Discover the ease of face swapping in Photoshop with our free action script! Get started now - download, extract, and follow our simple instructions to swap faces for a fun photo transformation!

Swap Faces with Ease Using Photoshop Action Script

Are you looking to have some fun with your photos by swapping faces but find the process too tedious? Worry not! A fantastic face swapping Photoshop action script is now available for free on Gumroad, making the face swapping process a breeze.

Simplify Your Editing Workflow

  • Quick Face Swap: This action script allows you to swap faces in Photoshop without the hassle of manual cutting and color correction.
  • Time-Saving Tool: With just a few clicks, you can achieve results that would otherwise require extensive manual retouching.

Get Creative! This free action script is a game-changer for photo editing enthusiasts. Download it today from Gumroad and add a fun twist to your images!

How to Use the Action Script

  • Easy Installation: Simply extract the ZIP file and load the 'face-swap.jsx' file in Photoshop.
  • Step-by-Step Guide: Follow the pop-up instructions to seamlessly integrate the face and body images.

Looking for an AI Face Swap Solution?

While Photoshop’s AI face swap feature isn’t available yet, MockoFun offers an AI online face swap that’s worth trying. Plus, there’s a list of the best face swap apps for those without Photoshop.

Online Face Swap
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