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Dark Surreal Digital Artworks by Toon Hertz

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Toon Hertz is one of my favorite digital artist because of his unique and creative style. Toon Hertz is a Liege, Belgium based artist. His work is a mix of children illustrations, monster movies, fantasy and dark surrealism. In all his Photoshop manipulations, the dark macabre style is present by a lot of dark color tones, red bloody hearts, creepy landscapes, ghosts, skeletons and other elements. If you like this artist you can give him a like on his Facebook page

Away from Home Dark Photo Manipulation

Little sad boy Dark Artwork

Eat my Heart Macabre Photoshop Work

Ghost bubbles

Little Sad Boy II

Impossible Love

Mad scientist

Autumn in Graveyard Photoshop Manipulation

If i had a heart

Little sad boy

Lord of the crows

Voodoo Girl

Mistress Of The Crows

Scarecrow II

Dance Of The Crows

Dead Heart

Little Sad Boy IV

Mistress Of The Bats

Strange Little Girl

Bat Circus

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2 comment(s) for "Dark Surreal Digital Artworks by Toon Hertz"

11:00 AM Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Very beautiful art. Reminds me of something Tim Burton would love. reply
11:00 AM Wednesday, February 26, 2014
You are right Candice! It reminds me of Corpse Bride movie :) reply

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