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Mixed Media Photoshop Tutorials

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Mixed media refers to a visual artwork that combines various traditionally distinct visual art media. For example on a canvas you can combine paint, ink, and collage to create a mixed media work. Usually collages are forms of mixed media art. In Scrapbooking we also mix different visual elements like photos, newspaper cutouts, flowers and leafs, fabric materials, jewelry, watercolors, handwriting and so on.

In this list you will find some useful mixed media Photoshop tutorials to get you started with this form of art. Here are some examples of mixed media artworks that you might want to use for inspiration.

Use these beautiful scrapbook backgrounds to make a collage composition, a bullet journal background or a scrapbook template. In this article you will find lots of useful information on how to create a scrapbook from scratch.

To make the things easier, you can try this scrapbook template that you can edit online. Add your photos, change the text, choose the scrapbook fonts that you like and so on.

Scrapbook Template

How to Make a Car Illustration in Photoshop

Create mixed media portrait in Photoshop

Amazing mixed media poster Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop tutorial create a mixed media watercolor effect

Design a Mixed media Illustration Photoshop Tutorial

Mixed media collage composition in Photoshop

Design a Collage Mixed Photoshop Effects

Surreal mixed media illustration Photoshop Tutorial

Exotic Indian collage Photoshop tutorial

Grunge textured mixed collage in Photoshop

3D Mixed Media Collage in Photoshop

Abstract Portrait Mixed Composition Photoshop Tutorial

Ink and Watercolor Abstract Mixed Media PS Tutorial

To create mixed media pphoto effects like these, you need lots of textures like watercolor textures and watercolor PNG images. So, check out this Watercolor Textures Photoshop pack that you can download for free.

Watercolor Textures Photoshop

To create watecolor paint effect that looks authentic, you need to use realistic watercolor textures and combine them with your pictures. You can find all kinds of free textures for photoshop on this site.

For those of you that don't have Photoshop, there are lots of online tools that you can use to create a realistic watercolor effect online or other photo effects with 1-click.

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