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Photoshop Gold Style Collection

Resources Photoshop Styles 325245 Views August 28th, 2017

You can create amazing gold text effects by using these unique gold Photoshop styles, both free and premium. This is a 2017 updated list of Photoshop text effects. There are all kind of golden text style effects that you can create; for example old rusty gold, antique gold, other Photoshop metal styles like platinum.

If you want to learn how to create golden style in Photoshop you can check out this collection of gold text photoshop tutorials for beginners.


Gold Layer Style: How To Make Gold Text In Photoshop

Free Gold Style Photoshop

3D Elegant Gold Photoshop Free Style

Free Photoshop Gold Layer Style PSD and ASL

Free Gold Photoshop Layer Style

Photoshop Golden Free Layer Style

Old Gold Photoshop Style

Gold and Silver Photoshop Styles Free

Gold Styles for Photoshop

Gold Text Style PSD Mockup

Bling Diamond Styles

3D Gold Photoshop Style

Gold and Metal Layer Styles for Photoshop

Diamond and Gold Photoshop Style

Gold and Silver Photoshop Style

Free Gold Photoshop Style

Gold Effect Photoshop Download Free Texture

Gold Effect Photoshop Download Free Texture

Gold Effect Photoshop Download Free Texture by textures4photoshop

You can customize this text effect online using Textturizer

Gold Photoshop Text Styles (No Longer Available)

15 Gold Effect Photoshop Styles

Gold and Silver Text Styles

Gold Silver Photoshop Styles

Gold Silver Photoshop Text Layer Styles

Gold Glamour Text Styles (No Longer Available)

Golden and Gold Text Styles for Photoshop (No Longer Available)

Elegant Gold and Silver Photoshop Styles

Photoshop Gold Styles

Diamond Gold Silver and Pearls Photoshop Jewelry Creator

Bling Bling Diamond Photoshop Style Creator

Dark Gold Metal Styles for Photoshop

Elegant Gold Silver and Glass Styles for Photoshop

Golden Photoshop Styles

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12 comment(s) for "Photoshop Gold Style Collection"

2:53 AM Sunday, August 11, 2013
Here is a new great set of gold styles for Photoshop. The set includes over 100 gold layer style that you can use for text and shape.
1:59 AM Sunday, November 03, 2013
You can easily spot the non free items. I am only adding Photoshop premium files from graphicRiver, so you can see the envato watermark on all the images.
2:33 AM Wednesday, November 06, 2013
Just so you know: you can make them all BY YOURSELF, there's no need to pay $$$ to get a bunch of simple GRADIENTS. reply
2:41 AM Wednesday, November 06, 2013
You can make all by yourself, the brushes, the gradients, the actions, etc but sometimes you don't have time to make 100 gold styles for example, or simply you don't know how to do it :) So it is easier and why not money saver to purchase them. reply
Zartash Zulfiqar
4:29 AM Friday, February 28, 2014
Wow Amazing Collection of Gold Styles Thank you... For these Lovely Styles reply
3:33 AM Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Thanks for you help! ;D

PSY Dude
PSY Dude
1:30 AM Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Some don't work, would be nice to know in advance which ones aren't free, maybe put a $ in the link or a comment? Fortunately the nicest ones (the ones I really wanted) are free but the best things in life are. reply
3:24 AM Tuesday, February 03, 2015
Bling Bling Diamond Photoshop Style Creator

9:37 AM Thursday, August 31, 2017
Nice post, but in this post i found some links are not working. Check again all links and make post healthy. reply
9:40 AM Thursday, August 31, 2017
Thank you for your feedback!
The list is now updated and you find the best 2017 Photoshop styles for creating gold text effects. reply
Aleena Cooley
10:26 AM Friday, February 02, 2018
Really awesome collection :)
you can add these text effects if you like,

Ray DeJesus
Ray DeJesus
10:52 AM Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Awesome tutorials! Am gonna love this. God bless reply

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