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Human and Animal Skin Leather Textures for Photoshop

Resources Textures 67137 3/26/2018 12:00:00 AM

This is a new list with free to use skin and leather textures that you must add to your collection. Inside you will find human skin textures some of them are seamless tiling textures that means you can use them as patterns in Photoshop. We also included some animal leather skin and fur textures from different animals like reptiles, felines and other wild mammals(elephant, giraffe, zebra, etc). Hope you will find this collection useful enough and interesting enough to bookmark it.

Realistic Human Skin Texture

Cobra Snake Skin Texture

Skin Swatch Texture Colors

Wound Scars Flesh Skin Textures

Seamless human skin texture

Human and animals skin fur and leather textures

Dragon Skin Texture

Monster Alien Skin Textures

3D skin texture bump map

Reptile skin

Seamless Snake Skin Texture

Snake Skin Pattern Texture

Real Snake Skin Texture

Snake Skin Print

Snake Scales Texture

Realistic Snake Skin Stock Image

Seamless Snake Skin texture

Seamless Leather Texture

Human Skin Textures

Seamless Human Skin

Scaly Snake Skin Texture

Tilable skin texture

Chicken skin texture

Snake Skin Free Resource

Dragons textures for sculptris

seamless dragon scale textures

Human and animals Fur Leather and Skin

Feline Cats Fur Textures

Perfect seamless tiling skin

Giraffe Fur Texture

Snake Skin Texture 2

Gator Reptile Skin Texture

Snake Skin Texture

Zebra Skin Texture

Snake skin gray and black

Snake Skin 2

Human Skin Bump map texture

Elephant Skin

Sumatran Tiger Fur Texture

Crocodile Reptile Skin Leather Texture

Giraffe Fur

Zebra Black and White Fur

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1 comment(s) for "Human and Animal Skin Leather Textures for Photoshop"

5:46 AM Thursday, January 21, 2016
Another seamless animal fur texture. reply

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