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20+ Sets Of Free Social Media Icons (PNG, AI, EPS, PSD)

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Free social media icons packs collection that you can download right away.

Social media and social media icons are such an important part of establishing a presence online. We all have unique styles and preferences and that should be expressed to the audience by visual elements.

Social media icons are a great way to do that. Choose the social icons in the collection below that best fit your style. You can use them as social media icons for your website, for business cards, on flyers, etc. You can even use social media icons in emails and newsletters.

The icon packs below contain icons for major social media networks like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • etc.

Also, the packs provide various formats, so you can download social media icons as vector, PNG or PSD files.

So, if you're looking for colorful social media icons, or black and white social icons, social media icons with names or without names, check the icons below.

At the end of this post I placed a section with social media icons FAQs.

Stamp social media icons collection

Free Sketch, Hand Drawn Icon Pack

Free leaf social media icons pack for eco-friendly websites

Stitched knitted social media icons free download

45 Big And Simple Social Media Icons PNG 300dpi

Free Social Media Badges Set

Crisp free round social media icon set

Circle social icons set of 35 social media icons in PSD and PNG

Free White Social Media Icons For Elegant Websites

Free Glossy Social Media Icons For iPhone Technology Websites

Flat Social Media Icons Pack Free To Download

Free Social Media Icons Vector 3D Pack Including Twitter And Pinterest Icons

Anaglyph 3D Free Social Media Icons (Glasses Required)

Free Social Media Icons Black And White 3D Silver Border

Free Flat Social Media Icons

42 Long Shadow Social Media Icons PSD

Color Crayon Sketch Social Media Icons Free

24 Free Social Media Icons Vector Hand Drawn

Social Media Icons Vectors For Free Sketch Doodles

Woven Fabric Sack Social Media Icon Set

Free Social Media Icons Diamond Style

Free Social Media Icons 2018 Metal

Social Media Icons FAQ

How To Add Social Media Icons In HTML?

Simply download the social icons pack that you like. For social icons are in PNG format. Upload the images to your server and add them as images with links. For example, the HTML code for your Facebook social media icon would look like this:

<a rel="nofollow" href=""><img src="PATH TO THE SOCIAL ICON" /></a>

Some social icons come in vector format or PSD format. For these, you will first use a tool like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to open them up, then save them as images.

How To Use Social Media Icons For Email Signature?

Most email clients allow using social media icons for email signature. For example, to add social media icons in the email signature in GMail here's how you do it:

how to add social media icons to gmail signature
  1. Go to settings (wheel cog)
  2. In the General tab go to Signature
  3. Insert the social icon images and use the Add Link button to add links to your social media network account.

If you have other questions regarding social media icons ask your question in the comments below.

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12:21 PM Monday, October 29, 2018
Wow! Awesom collection man! I'll update my social badges right now

big thanks!

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