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Essential Halloween Resources for Graphic Designers

Resources Brushes 11496 10/31/2019 9:29:14 AM

Are you working on Halloween projects? If so, check out the ultimate collection of essential Halloween resources for graphic designers.

You will find all you need for Halloween Photoshop manipulations: tutorials, brushes, vector shapes and silhouettes, textures and pre-made backgrounds, PNG objects, actions, and so on. We even have an amazing collection of Halloween inspiration images.

Essential Halloween Photoshop resources for graphic designers all in one place; that's great!

If you are a looking for Halloween resources to use in your projects, check out this extended collection with over 500 creepy Halloween tutorials, brushes, layer styles, custom shapes, textures, backgrounds, actions, etc. I have also included a collection with dark horror Photoshop manipulations to use as inspiration material.

Halloween Posters & Halloween Cards Online

Check out these awesome Halloween posters that you can customize online using MockoFun - a free graphic design tool.

Halloween Posters & Halloween Cards Online

100 Halloween Photoshop Tutorials That you Must Read

If you want to learn how to create the most frightening and terrifying photo effects in Photoshop, check out these amazing tutorials.

Over 50 Dark horror photoshop tutorials collection

Scary and horror photoshop tutorials for halloween

Creepy photoshop tutorials for halloween

20 Terrifying Halloween Text Effects Photoshop Tutorials

50 Halloween Photoshop Text Effects and Layer Styles That you Must Have

If you want to create Halloween horror text effects in Photoshop in just a few seconds, check out these amazing layer styles.

50 Halloween photoshop styles for text effects

100 Halloween Photoshop Brushes That you Must Try

If you want to create stunning Halloween Photoshop manipulations, use these amazing and useful brushes.

100 Blood skull wound scars and other horror photoshop brushes

100 Witches pumpkins and other creepy halloween photoshop brushes

50 Halloween Vector Silhouettes and Shapes That you Must Use

If you want to create vector Halloween flyers, templates in Photoshop, that you can print, use these useful custom shapes.

50 Halloween vector custom shapes for Photoshop

150 Halloween Textures and Pre-made Backgrounds That you Must Download

If you want to create scary Halloween Photoshop effects, use textures. If you are a newbie you can try a pre-made Halloween background.

Here you have a huge collection of grunge horror textures, creepy pre-made backgrounds and PNG images, that you can use in your Photoshop manipulations.

Over 25 Horror dark gothic backgrounds for photoshop manipulations

Must Have Blood textures for photoshop

Macabre horror textures for photoshop manipulation

20 Free Resources Images for Halloween

100 Halloween Photoshop Manipulations That you Must See

If you are a newbie and want to create a Halloween Photoshop manipulation, check out these inspiring beautiful digital artworks.

Creepy halloween photoshop manipulations Collection

Black dress gothic photoshop manipulations collection

20 Scary clown pictures Halloween photo manipulations

The Best Halloween Photoshop Actions That you Must Purchase

If you want to create stunning Halloween effects and you don't have time or skills to do it, use these amazing Halloween Photoshop actions.

Animated Ghost Photoshop action

Evil Portrait Effect Photoshop Action

Nosferatu Portrait Effect Photoshop Action

Dead Zombie Portrait Effect Photoshop Action

Hungry Zombie Photoshop Action

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