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Spine-chilling Horror Textures for Photoshop Macabre Art

Resources Textures 33828 10/23/2018 12:00:00 AM

Halloween is coming soon, so graphic designers are looking for horror dark resources to use in their projects. So if you are working on a horror Photoshop manipulation, check out these spine-chilling horror textures.

You know that horror textures and macabre art go well together. You can create really creepy photo effects using different textures.

Crumpled Grunge plastic texture overlay

Dark and grunge texture

Creepy blood worms horror texture

Hieroglyph Dark Ancient Texture

Rotting Heart Macabre Texture

Dust and scratches grunge texture

Cracked Grunge Texture

Apocalypse Horror Texture

Dead Tree Roots and Skulls horror texture

Grunge Vintage Sheet Music Texture

Grunge texture background

Creepy Grunge wood texture

Horror grunge texture free

Black paper texture with creepy writings

Grunge distressed dirty texture free

Rusty grunge Horror Texture

Dark Grunge Texture with Cracks

Slimy and Gross Horror Texture

Dark Wall Texture Seamless

Dark grungy paper texture free download

Dark creepy background wall

Horror Background with grunge dark texture

Bloody Grunge horror texture for photoshop

Grunge stained black paper texture

Horror skull background

Terrifying Creepy Texture

Gore Bloody Texture

Dark Industrial texture background

Grunge distressed dirty texture free

Horrifying Tree Roots texture background

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