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Amazing Mirror Reflection Photoshop Manipulations

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Mirrors and reflections are enormously important in art, being a common theme in myths and legends. Mirrors have been used to symbolize a variety of things: mirrors reflect the truth but also by looking into a mirror, one may look towards the depths of their unconscious mind. Mirrors also have a strong connection to the concept of the soul.

Magic mirrors are present in the story of Narcissus, in the folklore legend of Bloody Mary, in Snow White fairy tale, in Alice Through the Looking Glass, in the story of the Mirror Kingdom from Chinese mythology, etc.

In this collection I have gathered some amazing Photoshop manipulations that have as theme mirrors and reflections. Many artsits found their inspiration in the quote Mirror Mirror on The Wall from Snow-White.

If you want to read more about the the symbolism of mirrors in literature here are some useful links:

Mirror Mirror Photoshop Manipulation

Mirror Mirror on The Wall in Photoshop

Beauty and the Mirror Photoshop Artwork

Gorgon Medusa Mirror of Memory Digital Artwork

Mirror tell me Photo Manipulation

Mirror Mirror Fantasy Photoshop Manipulation

The Truth in the Mirror Artwork

Mirror mirror II

Black mirror Dark Photo Manipulation

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Snow White

In the Mirror Surreal Photoshop Manipulation

Mirror Into My Soul Photoshop Creation

Mirror of Dreams Digital Artwork

Mirror Effect in Photoshop

Departure Emotional Photoshop Manipulation

Smoke and Mirrors Digital Artwork

Through the Looking Glass Artwork

Dandelion Fantasy Artwork

The End of History Photoshop Work

Private Tortures Digital Art

Mirrors and Frames Photoshop Manipulation

Trapped Horror Photoshop Art

Bite Me Snow White Theme

Another Part Of Me

Mirror in the mirror Emotional Artwork

Mirrors Photoshop Manipulation

Hortus Larvarum Digital Art

Mirror in Photoshop

Mirror Mirror

Magic mirror

Mirror of Fate

Magic Mirror Photoshop Manipulation


The other part of Me

Tragedy of Love

This is not my world Mirrors contest

Young vampiress bedside table

I Wish I Could Photoshop Artwork

The Everlasting Curse

My Little Savior

Breaking through

Black Snake

Broken Dreams

Breaking the spell

Swinging into Happiness


Beyond the Mirror

How to Create Mirror Reflections in Photoshop

Here are some useful tutorials on how to create mirror effect and reflection effect in Photoshop.

Create a water reflection effect in photoshop

Alice through the looking glass photoshop tutorial

Ghost in the Mirror Photoshop Tutorial

The Dark Mirror Photoshop Tutorial

Strip Fractal Mirror Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Shatter Glass Photoshop Action

Mirror Reflection Photoshop Action

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