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Luxury Text Style for Valentine Party Flyer Photoshop Tutorial
Tutorials Text Effects 25898 February 3rd, 2018

Valentine Day is celebrated on February 14th. This is a festival of romance and love. In this particular day of the year many people express their love by giving cards, love letters, flowers or presents to their partner.

Around the world Valentine's Day is celebrated with thematic parties. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Valentine Day Love Theme Party Flyer in Photoshop. For a love theme flyer you have to use symbols like red roses, white doves, champagne, chocolate, red ribbons, hearts, diamonds and other luxury objects.

love text style photoshop

How To Create The Love Text Layer Style

First download this ZIP file(3.18MB) that includes the prerequisites for this tutorial, the brushes, patterns and also the sample PSD file. Inside the PSD file you can find the diamonds text style with the layer styles intact.

Let's start this tutorial with the luxury Photoshop text style. First we have to choose the font type; I will work with the Intro font type, which is a free font. You can of course use any font type you want. Here is a tutorial on how you can install font in Photoshop .

Type a text that you like. Because I am making a Valentine party flyer, I will write "love" on two lines like shown in the preview.

love typography tutorial photoshop

Add the following layer styles to the Love Text layer: Drop Shadow, Bevel and Emboss and Color Overlay.

layer style drop shadow layer style bevel and emboss bevel and emboss contour layer style love color overlay layer style

Your love text style should now look like this. You can of course change the Color Overlay and choose anoyher color like red for example.

emobssed love text

How To Add Diamonds On The Text Letters

Create a new layer above the Love Text Layer and call it Diamonds Layer. Use the Love Text Layer to create work path and stroke path using the "dotted line brush" that you can download from here.

stroke brush dotted love text

Quick Tip: Make Work Path and Stroke Path

You have to delete the work path before going to the new step. Again make a new work path like in the previous step but you have to first Contract Selection with 25px less or more depending on your text diameter. Go to Select>Modify and choose Contract.

contract selection photoshop

Create the work path from the selection and stroke path using again the "dotted line brush" in the same Diamonds Layer.

brush diamonds on text

If you still have empty gaps you can either repeat the process again or you can simply add the dots using the Brush Tool like shown in the image.

add extra details with brush

Add these layer styles to the Diamonds Layer. We'll create little diamonds using the diamonds pattern that is included in the download file.

diamonds layer style drop shadow layer style diamond inner glow color overlay diamonds layer style diamond pattern layer style satin layer style

Your diamonds text style should now look like this:

diamonds text style photoshop

Select the two layers(Love Text Layer and Diamonds Layer) and convert them into a smart object and duplicate the new created smart object. Name the two smart objects Shadow(the original layer) and Diamond Style(the copy layer).

love text layer smart object

Add these layer styles to the Diamond Style layer to create a 3D text effect like shown in the preview.

diamonds text drop shadow diamonds text layer style bevel and emboss

Your result should now look like this:

diamonds layer style with shadow

Add these layer styles to the Shadow layer to create another cast shadow effect.

layer style change shadow angle

Now let's work with the background layer a little. Change the color of the background to #494949 and add a little noise effect using the Filter>Noise>Add Noise

photoshop add noise filter

Add an Inner Glow layer style with the following settings. This is one of the ways in wich you can create a vignette effect in Photoshop.

add inner glow photoshop

Add Fractal Sky Background

In a new layer above the background add this Fractal Sky Night stock image. Set the blend mode to Screen.

fractal night sky texture

Add two adjustment layers(Curves and Brightness/Contrast) for the Fractal Sky Night layer using the Clipping Mask button.

adjust night sky brightness and contrast adjustment layers clipping mask

Create A Lens Flare And A Light Leak

In a new layer above all the other layers, including the text layers, add some lens flare textures. That way you will add interesting colorful light effects to your image. Simply pick a optical flare image that you like and use the Motion Blur(Filter>Blur menu) to create a soft blur look.

motion blur lens flare

Go to Filter>Distort and choose Polar Coordinates to create a light leak effect. You might have to resize the image to a larger scale (300%) to obtain an abstract beam of light.

light leak with polar coordinates

Now simply set the blend mode of this layer to Lighten or Screen.

love text with diamonds light leak blend

You can add another optical lens flare, but this time leave it as it is, without any distortion. You might want to change its color tones by adding a Hue/Saturation adjustment with clipping mask. Again set the blend mode of this layer to Lighten or Screen.

adjust color of lens flare photoshop

In a new layer add more diamonds using the "scatter-dots" brush included in the ZIP file. Add the diamonds style to this layer to create falling diamonds. You can add another layer with larger scale diamonds; use the Gaussian Blur and/or the Motion Blur; this is an easy way to create depth of field and out of focus effects in Photoshop.

diamond letters layer style

How To Add Sparkles To Diamonds In Photoshop

To create the bling bling effect, you can use these sparkle brushes or any other Photoshop sparkles brushes that you want.

add sparkle to diamonds in photoshop

How To Make A Valentine Party Flyer From Our Design

Press SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+E to create a copy of all the visible layers merged in one layer. If you want to create a party flyer look add a white border using the Stroke layer style. That way you create the paper print effect; you can even add a fold corner effect. Learn hw to create page curl in Photoshop from these simple tutorials for beginners.

create flyer white border using stroke in photoshop

To create a more sharpen look for the Valentine party flyer you have to use the Photoshop High Pass Filter technique. So here is the final result for the Luxury Text Style Valentine Party Flyer Photoshop tutorial. If you to print this, you have to create the PSD file at 300 dpi print size resolution otherwise it will other be too small or look blurry and unprofessional.

valentine love party flyer with diamonds text style photoshop

Beautiful Fan-Art Images Collage

diamond text typography

If you need other interesting luxury Photoshop styles you can try these premium Photoshop actions. With 1-click you can create gold, diamond and pearls jewelry using text, shapes or even raster images.

Jewelry Photoshop Creation Kit

The Jewelry Photoshop Creation Kit is a huge Diamond Gold Silver and Pearls Jewelry Creator that contains 5 Photoshop actions, 22 layer styles and 13 brushes to help you with the creation process. This pack will allow you to create realistic jewelry designs out of any text, shape, raster, selections, paths, etc.

diamonds gold pearls jewelery photoshop action

Bling Bling Diamond Photoshop Style Creator

Bling Bling Diamond Photoshop Style Creator contains 2 Photoshop actions with styles intact that will allow you to create bling bling diamonds effects out of any text or shape, plus 8 additional actions for customization purposes. The result contain easy to edit layers with layers styles intact so that you can customize the gold/silver/diamond effect, all the colors, bevel effect, stroke border size&color, etc.

diamond text photoshop action
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