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Comics Action in Photoshop

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Download this great comics Photoshop action for free and turn your photos into comics illustrations with just a single click. Just remember that every image has its own color tones, brightness and contrast so you might have to adjust the result a little. That is why all the layers are not rasterized or flatten.

To make the image look more like a cartoon you can add speech bubbles and other comics brushes or comic shapes, sunburst, halftone patterns and so on.

Comics Photoshop Action Free

You can find on actions4photoshop one of the best comics Photoshop action available for free on the internet. The comics action turns any JPG image, photo, layer into a comic book illustration. All you have to do is load the action in Photoshop, open your image and press the play button. The result is not rasterized or flatten so all the layers remain intact and the layer styles also. You will see that the action applies several Photoshop Filters, like Graphic Pen and Photocopy to obtain that comics effect. There are also some adjustment layers added, and you can change their settings to match with your image.

Below you can see the preview image with a before and after sample of what this action can do. Hope you like the result and don't forget to check out our previous action, the Photoshop halftone action that you can combine with this one.

Comics Action Effect 1

Comics Action

The comic action has two verions, one with the original colors saturated and one with a black and white color tone. The black and white action can also be used as a pretty decent looking sketch action.

Comics Action Effect 2

Comics Action Photoshop


This ATN file is free for personal, non-commercial use only. You are not authorized to redistribute, resell without the author written agreement. Do not claim this file as your own. Because many of our resources are free for download, we ask that you give us proper credit with a link back. The images used for the previews are Elf Stock and Chun Li Alternate.



Comics Book Photoshop Creator - Premium Version

Comics Book Photoshop Action Creator

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