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Halloween Graffiti Text Effect
Tutorials Text Effects 17849 June 20th, 2018

The Halloween is coming soon, so I was inspired to draw a Halloween text effect that looks like a graffiti on a brick wall texture. I will also show you how to draw a Halloween pumpkin shape using the Pen Tool. If you are interested in other articles with the same theme you can check out our other horror Halloween resources.


This is one of my first Photoshop tutorials so it really needs a little update; so I have made another preview image for the Halloween graffiti. You can take as a reference this wall paint effect tutorial; the only change is the dark color that can be obtained with a simple Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer and also a vignette.

For the background I have used a brick wall texture; for the font I have used this Halloween Blood Font and also this pumpkin shape. The text and shape is blended with the brick texture using the Color Dodge blend mode.

halloween-graffiti-text-effect tutorial intermediary image

Step 1 - Find a Halloween Text

Open a new psd document 450(width) / 300 (height) pixels.

With the help of Rectangle Tool draw a black rectangle and call this layer Background.

Now I need a nice text font and the best I could find in my photoshop font family list is Showcard Gothic. Of course you can look for other font family in the free large databases available on the internet.

So write 3 text "HALL" , "WEEN" and "NIGHT".

For the two text "HALL" and "WEEN" I did those settings, the red color is #f60707.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

For "NIGHT" text I did the following settings, the red color is also #f60707.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

So far I have 4 layers and my psd image looks like that. As you can see in the image below there is an empty space instead of "O" letter. I will draw there a nice looking Halloween pumpkin.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Step 2 - Text tunning

Select the two layers "HALL" and "WEEN", right click and select Rasterize Type. Than select one more time the layers, right click again and choose Merge Layers this time.

Set the foreground color #f60707.

Now with Brush Tool, size 4 , opacity 100%, draw blood drops from the text.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Rasterize the "NIGHT" layer and draw the same blood drops.

You will have to obtain something like this:

halloween tutorial intermediary image

Step 3 - Draw the Halloween Pumpkin

Lets draw a simple pumpkin shape with Pen Tool. Call this layer Pumpkin.

halloween tutorial intermediary image

The shape is nice but the color is too flat so I have to apply a gradient. The problem is that if I go to Blending options of Pumpkin layer , the style is only linear, radial, angle, reflected and diamond. I don't like either of this styles.

So I will draw another layer, a rectangle. Call this layer Pumpkin Shadow. Place this rectangle above the Pumpkin layer. To this layer I will add a gradient. Lets go to Blending Options, check Gradient Overlay and do this settings:

halloween tutorial intermediary image

For the gradient I've chosen this colors for the gradient:

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7:00 AM Monday, December 14, 2009
very nice! reply
Stacy Summers
Stacy Summers
1:06 PM Monday, April 29, 2019
Awesome collection! I'll try to follow one of these tutorials! Happy Halloween! reply

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