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I am the owner and also a regular author here at I am a freelancer trying to make a living out of my design skills. I'm really passionate about so many design related areas, always wanting to learn new techniques and get in touch with other artists. I love to write Photoshop tuts and get in touch with amazing digital artists!

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Movember Flyer Photoshop Tutorial Tutorials

Movember Flyer Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to create a Movember Flyer in Photoshop using simple photo editing techniques. Add glasses, a mustache and a tall hat to a person and you have a Movember character. Also use some filters and adjustments to create an old vintage photo effect.

Silhouette Photoshop Tutorials

Silhouette Photoshop

Learn how to make a double exposure in Photoshop using a woman silhouette. You can use other Photoshop silhouette images like birds, buildings or animals. You can make your own shapes and silhouettes using the simple techniques presented in this tutorial.

Creating A Cartoon Rainbow Tutorials

Creating A Cartoon Rainbow

Tutorials Drawing 124476 Views

Learn how to draw a rainbow using Photoshop. We'll create a cartoon rainbow using gradients. First step is to create the rainbow gradient.

I will also show you how to create a cool rainbow text. I added two rainbow pattern images to use in your graphic design projects.

Custom Postage Stamps Tutorials

Custom Postage Stamps

Create custom postage stamps using your own images and photos. For making the postage stamp tutorial I will use a free psd mockup. So. you will be able to create old postage stamps in just a few minutes.

Custom postage stamps can be used in so many design projects. For example you can make beautiful wedding postage stamps to remind you of that special day.

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Car Illustration Tutorials

Car Illustration

Car illustration Photoshop tutorial - in this tutorial I will show you how to make illustrations in Photoshop using a car vector silhouette and appling color to it. Follow this tutorial and you will create a very cool vintage car illustration that you can print as a poster.

In the tutorial I will use the PNG car shapes from a free package, but you can also use the vector car silhouettes. This will allow you to make the car illustration as big as you want without loosing any detail when printing at 300dpi.

Triangle Photoshop Tutorials

Triangle Photoshop

Knowing how to draw Triangle Photoshop shapes is super-useful for creating all sorts of effects. You can use triangles to make very cool Photoshop effect like: low-poly designs, various collage and scrap book cuts or combinations of triangle shaped masks.

In this post I will show you how to draw a perfect equilateral triangle shape and also other types of triangles. Using the Pen Tool and Photoshop layer styles, I will explore everything there is to know about drawing triangles in Photoshop

Mud Texture Tutorials

Mud Texture

In this short tutorial I will show you how you can make mud textures using just a couple of Photoshop filters. Using this technique, you will be able to create different wet mud texture every time.

If you are looking for photos of mud, ground or dirt road textures you should check out these awesome textures

This tutorial was rescued from, a website that no longer exists.


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