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50+ Free Wall Textures for Photoshop

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Wall textures for Photoshop huge collection. This collection contains different types of free wall textures that you can use in your designs. Painted wall, stone wall textures, weathered old walls, brick walls and brick wall backgrounds, cracked grunge walls, all these types of texture can be found inside this list and a lot more.

White Wall Texture

White Brick Wall Texture

Wall Texture Paint Peeling

White Brick Wall Texture Seamless And Free

Grunge Wall Texture

Different Brick Wall Textures And Backgrounds

Seamless Tile Stone Wall Texture

Cracked Wall Background

Dark City Walls Free Background Pack

Blue Wall Texture Paint

Worn Out Aged Walls Texture Pack

Grunge Sprayed Wall

Old Brick Castle Wall

Aged Wall Texture Free Download

Painted and Cracked Old BlockTexture

Grunge Distressed Wall Surface Texture

Wall Texture Image

6 Grunge Peeled Paint Industrial Textures

Mortar Brick Wall Texture

Castle Gray Square Stone Wall Texture

Old Brick House Wall Texture With Foliage

Graffiti painted wall texture free

Destroyed Exposed Brick Wall Surface

Aged Concrete Wall Texture

Brick Wall Backgrounds Image Pack

Dirty Stone Wall Slab Surface

Cracked Red Clay Wall Texture

Metallic Scratched Wall Texture

Roman Wall Texture Pack

Bricks Wall Texture High Resolution

Graffiti wall texture free download

Simple Wall Texture

Retro wall paper background

White Concrete Wall Texture

Black wall free background

Aged Painted Block Surface

Grunge Concrete Basement Wall Texture

Hotel Wall paper Texture

Cracked Granite Rock Image

Tileable Yellow Paint Wall texture

Cracked Concrete Interior Wall

Aged Wall Texture

Different Painted Wall Textures

Moss wall green rock texture

Dirty dirt background pattern

Stone concrete red stucco outdoor texture

Stucco wall paint background

Plaster texture wall structure pattern

Wall plaster structure texture

Bricks wall stones structure

Stone wall bricks Texture

Texture Concrete Wall

White Wall Texture

Wall stone paving texture

Wall painted texture

Textured Wall Background

Concrete cement wall grey texture

Concrete cement wall Texture Free

Weathered Exposed Bricks Wall Texture

Cement wall texture

Structure facade texture background with cracks

Want to get creative using these awesome wall textures in Photoshop? Check out this very cool action for Photoshop that will allow you to draw graffiti designs on walls. You can replace the background wall texture with any wall texture in this list.

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