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For today's list I have gathered, a huge collection of Photoshop gradients from the deviantArt community. This list is so big that I have to break it in two parts. You will see lots of Photoshop gradient themes like autumn gradient, sky gradient, metal gradient and many more that are very useful for creating gradient maps for example. I think this list is an extremely useful resource for all the Photoshop users. These gradients are free for download, but it is always better to read the terms of use.

Hope you like it and share it with your friends!

This collection of beautiful Photoshop gradients are made by the talented deviantArt users. In this first part, most of the gradient packs are from the queen of Photoshop gradients liasmani .

How To Load A Photoshop Gradient

This is a really quick Photoshop gradient tutorial for the newbies, on how to load a gradient file in Photoshop. A photoshop gradient set is saved in a GRD file. All you have to do is to download that GRD file and load it in Photoshop.

1. There are three places from which you can load a gradient file. The first is the Edit > Prest Manager. Here you can find all the Preset Types like Brushes, Patterns, Gradients, Styles and so on. Pick Gradients from the Preset Type list and press the load button. It will now appear on your gradient list.

2. Another way is to pick the Gradient Tool from your Toolbar. You see that another bar appears with different options for this tool. Click to open Gradient Picker then click the small arrow and from the list choose also Load Gradients.

3. The third way to load a gradient is from the Layer Style Window. From the Gradient Overlay, Click to open Gradient Picker and from the list choose again Load Gradients. Fast and simple!

GRD Load Problem Due To Versions Conflict

Before you download the GRD file make sure that is compatible with your own Photoshop version. If the gradients are made with an older or the same version of Photoshop in comparison with your own Photoshop version, you can load it. Otherwise there are big chances that you might not be able to load the file.

The Only 7 Sky Gradients You Will Ever Need

98 Photoshop Gradient

Sunset Gradients | FREE

208 Photoshop Gradient

Natures Beauty Gradient

51 Photoshop Gradient

88 Photoshop Gradient

1000 Gradient Pack

BOLD gradient pack

66 Photoshop Gradient

In The PiNk Gradient Set

50 Photoshop Gradient

Tuscany Skies Gradient

400 Photoshop Gradient

Regatta Sunrise Gradient

52 Photoshop Gradient

43 Photoshop Gradient

100 Photoshop Gradient

Vintage Ps Gradients

148 Photoshop Gradient

Gradient Pack 1

56 Photoshop Gradient

Shattereds Gradients

Regatta Raspberry Gradient

79 Photoshop Gradient

53 Photoshop Gradient

29 Photoshop Gradient

AKLPs Gradient Pack 1

Adobe Gradients Pack

Monochromatic Gradients

AKLPs Gradient Pack 2

Emerald Dragon Ps Gradients

Not finding the gradient you need for your project? Check out this tutorial about how to make a gradient in Photoshop and make your own.

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12:07 AM Friday, November 23, 2012
Hi Gaby,

That is a really nice idea I will make such a list in the future including retro gradients, retro patterns and of course retro styles! reply
12:07 AM Friday, November 23, 2012
Can you upload or post few retro, funk, pop (pop & art) gradients?
:) reply

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