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Photoshop Contour Layer Style Settings Tutorials for Beginners

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Learning how to work with Photoshop contours might prove really useful for creating outstanding text layer styles. Contours are among Photoshop presets like brushes, patterns and styles but many people especially newbies don't know how to work with them. From these quick tutorials for beginners you will learn how to use glossy contours, how to create a contour curve, how to load new contours and pretty much all you need to know about this preset.

Working with Gloss Contour Photoshop Tutorial

How to adjust the contour settings in Photoshop

Create a Glossy Text Style with Custom Contours in Photoshop

Playing with Contour Curves in Photoshop

Bevel and Emboss Contour Guide for Beginners

Basic Layer Style Settings Tutorial for Photoshop

Plastic Text Style Using Custom Photoshop Contours

Working with layer styles understanding bevel and emboss settings

Contour Photoshop Tut

How to Play with Contours in CS6

Photoshop Layer Style Settings Glossy Contour Explained

Custom Contour Photoshop Free Download

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2:16 AM Tuesday, September 22, 2015
u. r tutorial are great value, and very narrative. thanks a lot
1:48 AM Friday, October 16, 2015
Thank u very much :) reply

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