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Engraved Metal Text Style Photoshop Tutorial
Tutorials Text Effects 38329 May 21st, 2018

Learn how to create an engraved metal text effect in Photoshop using layer styles and textures. You can make your own vintage metal sign in just a few simple steps. Use a metal texture and any shape you want for the sign. You can even create a wood sign if you replace the metal with wood. Hope you find it useful.

Start by creating a rectagle shape using the Rectangle Tool. In a new layer just above the Rectangle Shape Layer add a metal texture that you like. It is better to use a metal texture that has scratches like the one that I've used. Right click on the Metal Texture Layer and choose Create clipping mask option.

Return to the Rectangle Shape Layer and add a Bevel and Emboss and a Drop Shadow layer styles to create a metallic sign.

In a new layer add a simple text layer or you can use something more complex like a logo for example.

To create an engraved metal effect for the text layer we have to add some layer styles.

Drop Shadow

Inner Shadow

Outer Glow

Color Overlay

If everything went well your engraved metal text effect should look like this:

To make the old metallic sign more interesting you can add a frame like shown in the preview. You can use any frame shape that you like.

Go to the Engraved Metal Text Layer, right click and choose Copy Layer Styles. Return to the Frame Shape Layer, right click and choose Paste Layer styles. That way you don't have to make the same settings twice. Or you can save the layer style and it will be available for other projects too.

To bring more details you can add some Screws on the four corners. Use one of the Photoshop Selection Tools to cut a screw. Add a Drop Shadow effect and duplicate the layer 4 times. Add them like shown in the image.

If you want to achieve that vintage old look effect, you can add a Rusty Texture with a blending mode like Overlay, Multiply(it really depends on the texture). I have use this metal rust texture with Darker Color blend mode.

Here is another result using a retro badge and a rustic wood texture.

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2:23 AM Thursday, June 4, 2015
Thanks, very good work. reply
2:21 AM Monday, July 13, 2015
Here is a rusty metal sign inspired by this tutorial and made in Photoshop by Sergei from reply
5:50 AM Thursday, August 13, 2015
Thanks for this! I'm trying to teach myself photoshop and this tutorial was very helpful! reply
2:25 AM Wednesday, December 16, 2015
The logo is not mine. This is one of my favorite singers, who also happens to be local to me. Fun tutorial! reply
2:54 AM Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Thanks! reply
2:12 PM Wednesday, January 25, 2017
thanks reply

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