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24+ Free Grunge Texture Backgrounds For Photoshop

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Free grunge textures that can be used in all kind of commercial projects. All these grunge textures are free for commercial use. Use the grunge textures in Photoshop to create photo manipulations, text effects and so on. Learn how to blend textures with photos in Photoshop to create cool portrait effects like the old vintage look. Add these grunge overlay textures for Photoshop over your pictures and simply set the blend mode that you like. You will instantly obtain interesting photo effects.

Grunge Textures for Photoshop

Over 30 grunge textures for Photoshop that you can download and use for free. Create realistic grunge effects for your photos using these free grunge textures. The grunge backgrounds can be used in all kind of graphic design projects.

You can also check out this high quality vintage paper texture pack that you can download for free.

Grunge Textures

Make Grunge Photos Online

Grunge distressed dirty texture free

8 Free Dust and Dirt Textures

Grunge Bloody Horror Texture for photoshop

Dirty Grunge Paper Texture

Grunge Paper Texture

Grunge industrial texture background

Horror grunge texture

Vintage Grunge vignette texture

Aged Grunge Wall Texture

Grunge black and white halftone comics texture overlay for photoshop

Grunge paper collage texture

Dirty grunge stained paper texture

Creepy skull background horror grunge texture background

Stained paper black and white grunge texture

Coffee stain grunge texture

Dark Grunge Rock wall gritty brick texture

Grunge old copper sheet texture

Antique photo grunge texture PNG for photoshop

Black grunge texture background

Seamless Dust Texture

Grunge Brick Wall Empty Room Background

Seamless grunge stained paper texture

Letters typography collage background

Newspaper background vintage texture

Old Manuscript Texture with coffee stained paper

If you're interested in creating awesome vintage or grungy photo effects you can also use the Overlay blending mode an apply an old paper texture.

PREMIUM Photoshop Actions

Create awesome photo effects and text effects with these premium Photoshop actions that you can download from graphicriver.

You can use grunge textures like these to make old vintage photo effects. You can also check out these cool vintage effect Photoshop tutorials to see the process behind these actions.

You can check out this free Vintage Paper Texture pack from PhotoshopSupply if you want to create your own old photo effects. And if you are looking for more effects like this, download the Sepia Photoshop Filter action.

Vintage Photo Editor Online

So, if you don't have Photoshop, you can make old photo effects with MockoFun online photo editor quite easily. Check out the article about the photo editor vintage if you want to make old vintage images online.

If you are looking for other cool photo effects, check out this list of online photo effects that you can use for your pictures.

MockoFun is probably the best free photo editor with more than 50 non-destructive photo filters, photo overlays and photo effects.

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