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Fantasy Photoshop Premade Backgrounds

Resources Stock Images 36522 Views October 17th, 2012

Photo manipulation wouldn't exist without the stock images that we use to create them in Photoshop. So no wonder that the free stock images websites are really popular among us. I am using images from deviantart for most of my photo manipulations so I spend a lot of time searching for the best photos. In this collection I have gathered for you beautiful fantasy backgrounds that you can use in Photoshop. These premade backgrounds are in fact Photoshop art works that you can use as scene setup for your photo manipulations.


This collection includes premade backgrounds that you can use to create fantasy Photoshop art works; for example I have used a premade stock image for my Sad Angel Photo Manipulation.

Fantasy See Background for Photoshop

Premade Fantasy Waterfall Background

Waterfall Fantasy Premade Background

Forest Haven Fantasy Background for Photoshop

Garden Fantasy Background for Photoshop

Fantasy River Background

Fantasy Castle Background

Premade Background Wave

Free Waterfall Fantasy Background

Frame Fantasy Premade Background

Fantasy Photoshop Premade Background

Fantasy Background for Photoshop Manipulations

Free Fantasy Background for Photoshop

Old Wood Bridge Fantasy Background for Photoshop

Girly Room Background for Photoshop

Love Birds Fantasy Background for Photoshop

Fantasy Forest Background for Photoshop

See Fantasy Background for Photoshop

Fantasy Photoshop Background for Photo Manipulations

Bird Fantasy Background for Photoshop

White Bird Fantasy Background

Fairy Tale Background for Photo Manipulation

Fairy Tale Photoshop Premade Background

Girly Room Premade Background for Photoshop

Bridge and Castle Fantasy Background for Photoshop

Premade Forest Background

Premade Forest Background for Photoshop Use

Forest Haven Fantasy Background

Premade Background with House and Tree

Fantasy Photoshop Premade Background

Fantasy Ruin Premade Background

Free Background for Photoshop

Winter alcove fantasy background

Free Premade Background

Premade Background Water Fantasy

Premade Background Fairy Tale

Premade Winter Fairy Tale Background

Premade Background Stock for Photoshop

Free Premade Background for Photo Manipulation

Beautiful Premade Background for Photoshop

Underwater Fantasy Photoshop Premade Background

4 comment(s) for "Fantasy Photoshop Premade Backgrounds"

12:20 AM Tuesday, June 25, 2013
very very nice background thanks reply
3:31 AM Thursday, July 10, 2014
Very nice collection.Thank you reply
Aunty Sue
Aunty Sue
4:38 AM Wednesday, December 03, 2014
Absolutely, 'knock ya socks off' awsome! Thank you!! reply
Denise Cauchi
Denise Cauchi
9:24 AM Tuesday, February 24, 2015
They are beautiful.

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