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<span class='searchHighlight'>Fire</span> Brushes Resources

Fire Brushes

Resources Brushes 13684 Views

These new set of fire brushes contains 10 fire flames that were made by me from scratch using only the Photoshop tools and filters that we all know. I had a lot of fun making these fire brushes and I hope you will enjoy using them. You can use these fire brushes in so many creative ways, to create fire text effects or to create fire backgrounds to decorate your desktop.

Photoshop <span class='searchHighlight'>Fire</span> Brush Tutorial Tutorials

Photoshop Fire Brush Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to use a fire brush in Photoshop. In the case of other brushes all you have to do is to pick a color an use the brush. In this case if you want to use a fire flame brush properly you have to add a layer style. That way you will obtain beautiful and realistic fire flames. This is mainly a tutorial for beginners, so it is better after reading this tut to save the layer style and use it whenever you need to create fire in Photoshop. In fact in my next tutorial I will show you how to use flames in a photo manipulations.

<span class='searchHighlight'>Fire</span> Photoshop Brushes Resources

Fire Photoshop Brushes

Resources Brushes 20841 Views

Photoshop fire effects can be easily obtained using fire brushes. The realistic fire or flame brushes are made using fire stock images and their quality is very important. To obtain a decent looking flame brush, the fire image has to have a black black background. Or the person that makes the brush has to be very patient and crop the fire shape carefully. Beside the realistic fire brushes, I have also added some abstract fire flames that are great for creating tattoos, T-shirt design and so on. So if you want to add fire in Photoshop you can do it in no time using these great brushes. To help you even more I am planning to gather a list with fire Photoshop tutorials to see these fire brushes in action. So stay tune!

A Beautiful Way to Set Your Text on <span class='searchHighlight'>Fire</span> Tutorials

A Beautiful Way to Set Your Text on Fire

Learn how to create a fire text effect using the Wind Filter and the Liquify Tool, from this photoshop tutorial. Using a simple yet very effective technique we will add fire flames to our text effect. I have to say that a beautiful fire text can be obtained using other methods, for example adding real fire flames using stock images for example. Or you can even use fire brushes to obtain the same effect.

Create a <span class='searchHighlight'>Fire</span> Text in Photoshop Using Actions Tutorials

Create a Fire Text in Photoshop Using Actions

Learn how to create a fire text effect in Photoshop using a fire text action to make the process much easier. Using the action you obtain a premade fire text with fire style attached so all you have to do are small adjustments and blendings. You can use this effect with your own background image and you can of course use another text and font. The fire action can be used not only with text but also with shapes and rasterized objects so you can easily combine text with shapes for example. I really hope you will try this tutorial!

Flame and <span class='searchHighlight'>Fire</span> Text Photoshop Tutorials Resources

Flame and Fire Text Photoshop Tutorials

Learn how to create a realistic fire text in Photoshop from these gret tutorials. I have gathered only the best fire tutorials that I am sure you will enjoy. There are all kind of fire effects, flames and other elements. Most of these fire text effects are created using fire brushes or real fire flames stock images.

Halloween <span class='searchHighlight'>Fire</span> Text Style Photoshop Tutorial Tutorials

Halloween Fire Text Style Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn from our friend Jonas Stensgaard how to create a horror text style in Photoshop just in time for Halloween. The elements used for this creepy text style are fire flames and molten magma effect. Here are some premium Halloween text styles that you might want to download, made by the same author.

<span class='searchHighlight'>Fire</span> Backgrounds and Textures for Photoshop Artists Resources

Fire Backgrounds and Textures for Photoshop Artists

Resources Textures 28433 Views

Creating realistic fire from scratch in Photoshop can be extremely challenging so the best solution is to use real fire textures. Not only will they look more realistic than the digital painted fire but it will also save a lot of time. So here are some amazing free fire flame textures and backgrounds that you can use for free in your photo manipulations. The list contains great burning hot fiery textures that will help you to quickly add fire effects, to create fire backgrounds and so on. Hope you like it!

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