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Photoshop Cartoon Character Tutorials

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Cartoon design has been very popular among designers and clients for a long time. The cartoon characters are used in website design, in logo design, in advertising, in icon design and so on. So it is really important as a desiner, to know how to create a cartoon character from scratch.

As we are a Photoshop related website, I have gathered only Photoshop cartoon character tutorials but as you all probably know, Illustrator is a much better tool for drawing vector cartoon characters.

Learn how to create your own cartoon character from these great Photoshop tutorials. I have tried to gather all sort of cartoon styles so plenty to choose from. So you can now walk trough basic to advance skills in creating and editing cartoon characters.

How to create a slick anime character in photoshop

Create a character illustration wallpaper

Easter Egg Bee Cartoon Character

Boogerman Cartoon Character

How to create a cute and adorable twitter icon in photoshop

Create a cute cartoon penguin poster

Drunken monkey photoshop tutorial

Mascot Design Tutorial

Cartoon Girl Tutorial

Beach Girl Cartoon Character

How to create a vector character logo

Drawing vector looking cat illustration using photoshop

Draw a pirate character in photoshop

How to get that anime look in photoshop using a flexible workflow

Fun cartoon monster tutorial

How to create a fun red haired boy character

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