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New Fantasy Photoshop Manipulation Tutorials

Resources Tutorials 22347 7/31/2018 12:00:00 AM

Creating fantasy surreal artworks in Photoshop we all love to do. Making beautiful, unique out of this world manipulations is part of the Photoshop creation. So in this list I have gathered some of the best and new fantasy Photoshop manipulations that you must try. You will learn how to create fairy tale landscapes with castles and all, how to create a fairy and other fantasy mystical character and many more.

Fallen Angel with Fantasy Dragon Guardian Photoshop Tutorial

Fiery fantasy warrior in Photoshop

Create a Fantasy Dragon Character in Photoshop

Fantasy Peacock Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Create a fantasy Sanctuar Temple in Photoshop

Love Ghost Photo manipulation Tutorial

Imaginary Fairytale photo manipulation tutorial using photoshop

The enchanted forest Fantasy photo manipulation tutorial

Create beautiful surreal photo effect via cloud star and vexel hair in photoshop

Create a Fantasy Castle Landscape in Photoshop

Fairy Tale Color Effect Photoshop Video Tutorial

How to Make a Flying Angel in Photoshop

Fairy in the Woods Photoshop Tutorial

Fantasy mythological goddess in Photoshop

Create epic manipulation ancient scandinavians in Photoshop

Twilight surreal scene floating islands Photoshop Tutorial

Photo manipulate a mystical tribal warrior in Photoshop

Wonderful Dream Above the Clouds Fantasy Photoshop Tutorial

Photo manipulate a beautiful fantasy nature scene in Photoshop

Create a Angel of Fire Playing Music in Photoshop

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4 comment(s) for "New Fantasy Photoshop Manipulation Tutorials"

2:32 AM Sunday, November 23, 2014
I just found this new Photoshop tutorial on how to create a fiery dragon mountain photo manipulation: reply
3:41 AM Saturday, February 7, 2015
Add this tutorial to your list:
How to Create a Dark Mysterious Castle in Photoshop reply
9:29 AM Friday, May 15, 2015
Hey dude here is another great tutorial that you might want to add to your list
You really have a great collection of fantasy photoshop tutorials, the best that I found so far ... thank u reply
10:05 AM Thursday, March 3, 2016
This is one of the best lists with fantasy and fairy tale tutorials for Photoshop.

I see that you are constantly updating the post so I propose to you this new tutorial on how to create a fantasy photo manipulation of a pirate house scene set in warm scenic dreamscape with Photoshop. reply

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