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Geometric Background Photoshop Patterns

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We are starting this week with a nice set of free geometric patterns, perfect for creating hundreds of unique background images. The patterns come in one tone color and 7 different geometric patterns. It has transparency so you can easily change the background color. It is of course seamless and can be used in so many different combination. We are going to show you some of them.

I hope you like it, if you use it please credit us!

I love geometric patterns. I've made an extensive tutorial on how to make a triangle in Photoshop where I also cover how to make a Photoshop geometric pattern with colored triangles.

How To Make A Photoshop Geometric Pattern With Colored Triangles

Let's begin with our other geometric pattern.

How to Use a Photoshop Pattern

Download the file and go to Edit, Preset Manager Menu and choose Patterns from the drop-down list. Simply press Load button to load this geometric-patterns-by-psddude.pat file and that is all. Create a layer, open the Layer Style Window and you will find in the Pattern Overlay list, the new loaded patterns.

Background Pattern

You may wonder what you can do with this pattern? Well the first thing to do is to create a layer, fill it with blue color and then apply the Pattern Overlay. If you change the background color you will obtain another pattern image.

Geometric Pattern

Create again a new layer, apply the Pattern Overlay. Then you can add Color Overlay to the same layer. Set the Blending Mode of Color Overlay to Color and choose the color that you want. In a same way you can choose Gradient Overlay instead of Color Overlay.

Background Pattern

Another idea would be to start from one of the previous two styles. Then right click on the layer and choose Convert to Smart Object. Open the Layer Style window and add one more time Pattern Overlay. This time choose another of the 7 patterns. Change the Blend Mode of the Pattern Overlay to Darken and you obtain new background patterns.

New Photoshop Pattern

You can combine these patterns with another patterns, desaturate and obtain a cool oriental background with black and white tones. You will obtain a more classic background as you can see in the image below.

Black Photoshop Pattern


The redistribution of this file is not allowed, if you feature this post please put a link to .

Collage Pop Art Pattern Photoshop Creator

You can make pattern background using cutout images. Download this cool Photoshop action and create 300 dpi posters that you can print.

photoshop pattern collage action
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2 comment(s) for "Geometric Background Photoshop Patterns"

Clipping Paths
Clipping Paths
8:40 AM Thursday, December 29, 2011
All the photoshop patterns are cool and specially i like the color of these patterns. reply
Flawless Pix
Flawless Pix
1:06 PM Monday, April 29, 2019
These patterns remind me of the decor seen in many of the night clubs in South Florida reply

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