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Feather Brushes for Photoshop

Resources Brushes 29887 7/26/2018 12:00:00 AM

I like using feathers in my photo manipulations but unfortunately they are so difficult to crop and I waste a lot of time. So when I am in a hurry I use brushes instead of real stock images. In this list I have gathered over 100 beautiful feather brushes ready to be used. They are mostly deviantart brushes, hand picked, and even if I did not downloaded all of them, they have great reviews.

So if you need photoshop feathers simply download these brushes and use them in your designs. Be careful and check the Photoshop version of each brush so that you don't have compatibility problems.

Feather Brushes

Feather Brushes

Photoshop Feather

Feather Photoshop Brushes

Feather Brush

Feather Brushes

Feathers Brushes Set 1

Feather Brushes 02 PS

CG Feathers

Feather Brush Set

Feather Brushes

Feather Brush Set

120 Feather brushs



Photoshop Feather Brushes

Feathery Brushes

feather brushes

feather set 12

Feather brushes

FeatherPhotoshop Brushes

Revised Feather brushes

Feather brushes 01

Feather Brushes

Feather brushes set

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2 comment(s) for "Feather Brushes for Photoshop"

3:25 PM Saturday, August 20, 2011
I did not do these brushes, there are mainly deviantart brushes , but I spent some time on gathering them!
glad you like them :) reply
1:06 PM Monday, April 29, 2019
Thanks for the feathers. You obviously spent a lot of time on these. reply

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