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AI Tools For Graphic Design

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List of various AI tools that can help graphic designers with their creative workflow, such as text to image generation, image to image, face swap, photo editing, text effects, font finding, image to video, and 3D generation.

⚡ AI in Graphic Design

The AI in graphic design has significantly revolutionized the landscape of this creative field, offering unprecedented opportunities and efficiencies to designers worldwide. AI empowers designers to automate repetitive tasks, generate creative ideas, and optimize workflows. The AI-powered tools enable designers to experiment with new styles, techniques, and visual aesthetics.

💥 What Are AI Tools?

AI tools, or artificial intelligence tools, are software applications or platforms that leverage AI techniques to perform specific tasks or solve particular problems. In todays article I will focus mainly on AI content creation tools that are perfects for graphic designers.

🤖 AI Content Creation Tools in 2024

AI Tools for Graphic Design

The AI content creation tools leverage artificial intelligence techniques to generate or assist in creating various forms of content, such as text, images, videos, and music.

For instance, AI text generators like OpenAI's GPT-3 facilitate tasks ranging from article writing to content summarization, while Grammarly employs AI algorithms for real-time writing suggestions.

Additionally, AI image generators such as DALL-E produce contextual images from textual descriptions. Lumen5 exemplifies AI video generation, transforming text into engaging videos, while Amper Music enables composers to craft custom music tracks using AI-driven composition.

Moreover, AI voice generators like Google Cloud's TTS service produce natural-sounding audio from written text, offering developers customizable voice parameters.

✨ The Best AI Tools for Graphic Design

In this article we will talk about AI tools for graphic design and how these tools can improve your workflow. I've compiled a list with the best AI tools for designers, spanning a broad spectrum of creative endeavors, including image creation, photo editing, and text manipulation, among others.

Here's a list with some of the best AI content creation tools for graphic design organized by category. I use many of these tools on a regular basis for my clients and for my personal projects. Each tool presents its own set of advantages and drawbacks concerning both pricing and features.

If you are a photographer and want to know how to use artificial intelligence, check out our previous article about AI Photography use cases.

🧙‍ The Best Text to Image Generators in 2024

There are two main types of AI generated images: AI art from text and AI art from photo. Each tool requires a different type of input: the first one utilizes text, while the other relies on a reference image.

What is an AI Art Generator From Text?

An AI art generator from text is a tool that uses advanced computer algorithms to understand written descriptions and create images that match the words. Basically, you input a text description and the AI generates images based on that description.

Check out this list with the best AI Art Generators free and premium that you can try in 2024.

DALL-E 3 (

Dall-e 3 Image Generator

✨ DALL-E 3 image generator is a text-to-image model developed by OpenAI that generates images based on natural language inputs known as prompts.

It is the latest version of the DALL-E model and is built natively on ChatGPT, which lets you use ChatGPT as a brainstorming partner and refiner of your prompts. It is available to all ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users which costs 20$/month. You can also access DALL-E 3 for free with Microsoft Bing Chat or Bing Image Creator without any subscription fees or sign-up required.

Midjourney (

Midjourney Image Generator

✨ Midjourney image generator is a generative AI platform that crafts unique artworks from text prompts. It is accessible via Discord, either by directly communicating with the bot on Midjourney’s official server or by inviting the bot to an external server. Midjourney no longer offers a free tier or trial period to new users.

Midjourney has four subscription tiers: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Mega. The monthly subscription cost ranges from $10 to $120, depending on the tier.

MockoFun (

AI Image Generators

✨ MockoFun is a graphic design tool that you can use to generate AI images from text, to make cool AI photo editing transformations and to create AI text effects. MockoFun uses the SDXL AI model and has lots of customization options for creating the best AI images.

If you are looking for an AI landscape generator, AI architecture generator, AI character generator and so on, this AI image generator from text is the right tool for you.

The tool is a powerful graphic design editor that you can use from your browser for free. MockoFun offers both free and premium subscription. MockoFun Pro offers you 100 generations per month for only 9.99$/month.

Stable Diffusion XL (

Stability AI Image Generator

Clipdrop is a platform that uses a mix of AI and AR to create unique and custom images based on individual user needs. It offers a range of tools such as Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL), which is a text-to-image model that generates images based on natural language inputs known as prompts. To access SDXL, you can use the Clipdrop API by integrating it into your own apps or visit the Clipdrop website to use the available tools.

For text to image generation Clipdrop offers a cool SDXL turbo app which is free and does not require login ( This offers up to 100 daily generations for free, but adds a watermark. You can also go for a 9$/month subscription which offers up to 1500 image generation per day.

Fotor (

Fotor AI Image Generator

✨ Fotor AI Image Generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create stunning images. You have two simple options to get started, either type in some text or upload an image, and the AI will then work its magic and generate a brand new image based on your input.

Fotor AI Image Generator offers various cartoon styles that allow you to transform your photographs or sketches into vivid illustrations or cartoons.

Fotor AI Image Generator is available for free on their website for up to 4 images, and you can also subscribe to Fotor Pro or Fotor Pro+ for additional features such as more templates, more effects, and more stock photos. Fotor Pro costs $3.33 per month and Fotor Pro+ costs $7.49 per month

🧙‍ The Best AI Art Prompt Generators in 2024

When discussing free AI tools for graphic design, it's essential to mention an AI art prompt generator as well. Why? To make AI art from text you must supply a description, which is referred to as a "prompt". Without this prompt you can not create AI art.

What is an AI Art Prompt?

An AI art prompt is a textual description (specific instruction or idea) provided to an artificial intelligence (AI) program to generate art. The AI art prompt engineering is the process of discovering prompts which reliably yield useful or desired results.

If you lack inspiration, there are lots of AI art prompt examples available to ignite your creativity during the artistic journey.

AI Art Prompt Example: "illustration of a mystical forest filled with enchanting creatures and glowing flora"

What is an AI Art Prompt Generator?

An AI art prompt generator provides pre-made text prompts that you can use instantly to create artworks. This tool can also help you tailor your own custom text prompts by providing a template for you to fill in with specific instructions.

Lexica (

AI Art Prompt Generator

✨ If you are looking for some inspiration for your creative projects, you can use this site as a prompt generator or to get AI image prompt ideas. Search and browse through the gallery of images that the site has already generated and pick one that sparks your interest. For each image you will see the text prompt that generated the image. This site is a great way to explore the state of the art AI image generation engine and unleash your imagination.

MockoFun (

AI Art Prompt Generator

✨ The MockoFun's AI art prompt generator has an extended database of text prompts for creating landscapes, architecture, characters, etc. Use the prompt generator to customize the prompts by adding subjects, themes, attributes and artist styles. This site offers a wide variety of artists to choose from as well as customization options. Copy the prompt and try it in MockoFun or other AI image generator. The Midjourney prompts are different from the Stable Difussion prompts so, you will probably obtain slightly different results.

Prompt Hero (

AI Art Prompt Generator

✨ This site is a great resource for prompt engineering and AI image prompt ideas. You can search millions of AI art images by models like Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and more. You can also browse the world’s best AI prompts for text generation models like ChatGPT. Whether you want to create a story, a poem, a song, or a code, you can find inspiration and guidance from this site. You can also log in to save your favorites, generate your own images, and discover AI artists you’ll love. This site is probably one of the best websites for Artificial Intelligence and Prompt Engineering.

🧙‍ The Best AI Image to Image Generators in 2024

What is an AI Art Generator From Photo?

An AI art generator from photo uses machine learning algorithms to transform or stylize an existing image into a new artistic representation.

GetimgAI (

Image to Image AI

GetimgAI ia an online tool that has an Image to Image mode that you can use to easily transform any photo or image into a completely different style while preserving certain similarities to the original or not. Simply upload your photo and watch the Image to Image AI convert it into something new.

MockoFun (

AI Image to Image Generator

✨ MockoFun is an online graphic design tool where you can create AI image to image editing. Simply upload a photo or sketch drawing and utilize various AI photo filters to alter its appearance. The MockoFun's AI image to image generator has over 30 AI photo filters that you can try. The AI age filter, the AI caricature filter, the AI zombie filter, the AI cartoon filter and the AI watercolor filter are just some examples of photo effects.

If you are looking for a sketch to image AI effect, try the Guided Photo Transform or the Image to Image option.

Fotor (

Image to Image AI Generator

✨ Fotor AI Image to Image Generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to apply different photo effects to your photos. Upload an image, and the AI will then work its magic and generate a brand new image based on your input.

Fotor AI tool is available for free on their website for up to 4 images, and you can also subscribe to Fotor Pro or Fotor Pro+ for additional features such as more templates, more effects, and more stock photos. Fotor Pro costs $3.33 per month and Fotor Pro+ costs $7.49 per month

GenCraft (

AI Image to Image

✨ GenCraft is an AI tool for graphic design that creates image to image effects. Upload a photo, enter a text prompt (optional), and watch how the AI image generator creates your vision. You can upload photos, sketches or drawings.

The majority of free AI tools online enable users to create images at no cost. However, when downloading your artwork, many of these platforms will include a watermark. The premium user subscription will help you solve this annoying issue.

🧙‍ The Best AI Face Swap Generators in 2024

AI face swap is a technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to replace one person's face in an image or video with the face of another person, creating a realistic and seamless composite image. Even though many AI graphic design tools have this feature, I have listed the tools that I've tried and liked. In this article you can find the best face swap apps for iOS, Android and PC.

Reface AI (

✨ Reface is an app that allows users to swap faces with celebrities, friends, or anyone else in photos and videos. The app uses advanced AI technology to create realistic and fun face swaps that can be shared on social media or saved to the device. Reface also lets users create their own AI avatars and explore different styles and expressions. Reface is a web platform that can be accessed from any browser, as well as a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

MockoFun (

AI Face Swap Online Free

✨ MockoFun Face Swap is an AI tool uses cutting-edge AI technology to seamlessly replace faces in photos, unlocking a world of creative possibilities.

Upload Image or Take a Snapshot of the face you want to use to reface photo online. Then, pick an image from the face swaps presets or upload your own body photo to switch faces. Click 'Swap Face' for an instant face switch. Preview & Download your photo swap.

Experience the magic of face swapping with MockoFun’s face swap online tool!

Remaker AI (

Swap Face AI

✨ FaceVary from Remaker AI is a free online app that allows you to swap faces in photos with anyone you want. You can use it to create funny videos, memes, collages, or just experiment with your appearance3. You can also join the gender swap trend and see how you would look as the opposite sex. FaceVary is easy to use, has no watermarks or ads, and supports mobile devices4. With FaceVary, you can unleash your creativity and have fun with face swapping.

Face Swapper AI (

Face Swapper AI

✨ is an online tool for swapping faces in photos using artificial intelligence. The app allows users to upload their photos and choose from various presets or templates to create realistic or funny face swaps. The app also offers features such as magic avatarly, animated face swap, and face cutter. The app promises to protect the privacy of the users and provide seamless and natural results. The app is free, easy to use, and suitable for creating memes, gifs, and face swap videos

🧙‍ The Best AI Photo Editing Tools in 2024

When it comes to AI photo editing there are lots of options like AI photo enhancing, AI photo restoration, AI fix blur, AI remove background, AI image caption and so on. Below you have some useful AI tools for graphic design that are great for photographers and photo manipulation artists.

AI Old Photo Restoration

VanceAI (

AI Photo Restoration

✨ VanceAI Photo Restorer, an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to restore old photos automatically. It claims to remove scratches, spots, tears, and sepia from damaged photos, as well as enhance colors and face details. It also offers a downloadable software version for faster batch processing.

AI Image Enhancer

Remini AI (

✨ Remini is a web service that uses AI to enhance the quality of photos and videos. It claims to be able to restore old photos, upscale low-resolution images, improve colors and details, and create professional content for various purposes. It also offers an API for developers to integrate Remini’s technology into their products.

Let’s Enhance (

AI Image Upscaler

✨ Let’s Enhance, an online app that uses artificial intelligence to upscale, enhance, and generate images. It claims to make low-quality images crisp, clear, and ready for any web and print format. It also offers various features such as Smart Resize, Photo, Digital Art, and Text-to-image generator.

AI Background Remover

Remove BG (

AI Remove Background

✨ is a website that allows users to remove the background of any image automatically and for free. The page also provides some examples of images with and without backgrounds, and a tool to upload or paste an image or URL to try

AI Image Upscaler

Magnific (

AI Image Upscaler

Magnific is an app that uses AI to upscale and enhance images with amazing results. It allows users to control the upscaling process with a text prompt and various sliders, such as Creativity, HDR, and Resemblance. Magnific can add more details and resolution to any image, as well as adjust the brightness and contrast. Magnific is ideal for graphic designers who need high-quality images and meticulous detail enhancements for their projects. With Magnific, users can transform their images with a magic wand powered by AI.

ImageUpscaler (

AI Image Upscaler

✨ This app enhances the quality and detail of images and photos. It can upscale images without losing quality, unblur images after motion blur or defocus, remove background from images, generate images based on text descriptions, and more. It also offers various online tools for photo and video editing, such as cartoonizer, inpaint, and AI image generator. This app helps users to edit images with AI and unleash the true potential of their photos.

Get Img AI (

✨ This app is a powerful image creation and editing tool that uses the power of AI to help users generate and modify images with ease. Users can upscale their images to improve their quality. The app also offers many other features such as text to image, image to image, controlnet, dreambooth, and AI art. Users can create anything from stock photos, headshots, anime art, wallpapers, logos, product shots, and more with this app.

AI Inpainting

RunwayML (

✨ Runway app lets you remove any object from any video with just a few simple brush strokes. Runway uses a feature called Inpainting, which automatically fills in the gaps left by the removed objects. Runway also offers other features such as effects, filters, text, subtitles, audio editing, and animation. Runway is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for creating professional looking videos.

Get Img AI (

AI Inpainting

✨ This app allows users to inpaint their images to remove unwanted objects or change details, or uncrop their images to expand them beyond their borders. The app also offers many other features such as text to image, image to image, controlnet, dreambooth, and AI art. This is the main reason why this app is listed in more than one categories. In fact many other tools offer different AI features that are great for graphic designers and photographers alike.

Fotor (

AI Inpainting

✨ Get easy access to image creation & recreation with the AI image painting tool from Fotor. Backed up by cutting-edge inpainting stable diffusion, you can create something for your images. From nothing to perfection, it just needs our AI image inpainting tool to erase the gap. Just brush over the part you want to create and add some new elements, and our AI inpainter will generate what you want.

AI Extend Image

Extend Image AI (

AI Extend Image

✨ ExtendImage AI is an app that allows you to enhance your photos with advanced editing tools. Whether you want to upscale a low-resolution image, inpaint a missing or damaged area, or uncrop a cropped photo, this app can help you achieve stunning results. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and other parameters of your photos to make them look more professional and realistic. This app is easy to use and compatible with various formats and devices.

🧙‍ The Best Tools for AI Text Effects in 2024

DALL-E 3 (

✨ DALL·E 3, an impressive AI image generator, excels at embedding letters and text seamlessly into images. By interpreting simple text prompts, it produces images where the text appears naturally integrated, whether as graffiti on a wall, a neon sign, or even handwritten notes in a scene. This unique capability makes DALL·E 3 a powerful tool for creative expression and visual storytelling!

Adobe Firefly (

AI Text Effects

✨ Adobe Firefly is my favorite AI graphic design tool especially for text styles. Create one-of-a-kind text effects with Adobe Firefly. Use the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to turn your words into works of art. Provide a simple text description and Firefly, Adobe’s generative AI web app, will create styles and custom textures for your text.

Ideogram (

✨, an early pioneer in AI image generation, masterfully embeds readable text into images. Even before DALL-E 3, it allowed users to describe their vision in text and generate stunning visuals. Whether you’re designing posters, conceptualizing art, or simply exploring creative possibilities, remains a powerful platform for turning words into captivating imagery!

🧙‍ The Best AI Font Finder

MyFonts (

AI Font Finder

✨ WhatTheFont from is a font finder tool that can help graphic designers identify fonts from images. The app uses deep learning to search through a large collection of font styles and find the best match for the fonts in the photos. The app can handle connected scripts and multiple fonts in one image. The app also allows users to enter their own text and adjust the font size to see how the fonts look like as text. WhatTheFont is a simple and easy way to discover new fonts and use them in graphic design projects.

Fontjoy (

✨ Fontjoy is an app that helps graphic designers choose the best font combinations for their projects. It uses a neural net to mix and match different fonts that share an overarching theme yet have a pleasing contrast. Users can generate new font pairings, lock the fonts they want to keep, and edit the fonts manually. They can also edit the text with their own copy and see how it looks in different fonts. Fontjoy also offers a font visualizer and a logo maker to help designers create stunning typography. Fontjoy is a useful tool for designers who want to explore the possibilities of font pairing and create beautiful designs.

🧙‍ The Best AI Image to Video Generator

These tools will turn your still images into animated images and videos. All of these tools have also an AI text to video generator that you can use online.

PixVerse (

✨ PixVerse is a top of the line app that allows graphic designers to create stunning videos from text descriptions. The app uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic and imaginative scenes based on the user’s input. You can also upload an image and use it as a starting point for the video creation. It's probably one of the best text to video and image to video AI tool available at the moment. And, it's totally free (for now).

Gen-2 by Runway (

AI Image to Video Generator

✨ Runway GEN2 is an AI graphic design tool that allows graphic designers to realistically and consistently synthesize new videos using text, images or video clips. With Runway GEN2, you can create videos in any style you can imagine, transfer the style of any image or prompt to your video, isolate and modify subjects in your video, turn mockups into fully stylized and animated renders, and more1. Runway GEN2 uses a multimodal AI system called Gen-2, which is at the forefront of image and video synthesis. Whether you want to generate video from scratch or enhance your existing video, Runway GEN2 can help you unleash your creativity and empower your design.

Pika Labs (

✨ Pika, an idea-to-video platform that sets your creativity in motion. Pika allows you to create and modify videos with simple voice commands. You can set the scene, change the style, add or remove elements, and extend the duration of your videos. Pika is a useful tool for graphic designers who want to turn their imagination into reality. With Pika, you can transform any photo, painting, drawing, or existing video into an immersive, moving scene.

🧙‍ The Best 3D AI Generator

Luma Labs (

✨ Luma AI - Genie, an app that allows users to create 3D objects from simple text descriptions. The app uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic and detailed models that can be used for graphic design, animation, gaming, and more. Users can also customize their 3D objects by changing the color, texture, lighting, and perspective. The app offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes 3D creation easy and fun. With Luma AI - Genie, users can unleash their creativity and turn their imagination into reality.

Meshi AI (

3D AI Generator

✨ Meshy, a 3D AI toolkit that allows users to easily create 3D assets from text or 2D images. Meshy is a powerful tool for graphic designers, as it enables them to generate realistic and customizable 3D models, scenes, and animations with just a few clicks. Meshy also offers a variety of editing options, such as scaling, rotating, coloring, and texturing, to fine-tune the 3D output. With Meshy, users can unleash their creativity and produce high-quality 3D content for various purposes.

🧙‍ Other AI Tools for Graphic Design

Uizard (

✨ Uizard, an intuitive AI tool enabling seamless design of websites, mobile and web apps, as well as desktop software. Uizard boasts a vast library of design elements, easily accessible through drag-and-drop functionality onto the workspace.

Khroma (

✨ Khroma is an AI-powered graphic design tool offering users an endless array of color combinations for their designs. With Khroma, the guesswork of choosing harmonious and engaging colors is completely eliminated. In search of captivating and visually appealing color palettes? Try Khroma.

In Conclusion

Now you know that the AI tools for designers are software programs powered by artificial intelligence that help professionals in their creative workflow. Luckily or not, there are lots of AI tools for graphic designers, you just have to find the right one for you.

In today's list I have gathered free AI tools for designers that you can try for creating illustrations, photographs, text effects and graphic designs. Try them all and have fun with the AI!

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