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3D Blocks Map Photoshop Creator

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Create an amazing 3D Blocks Map using this one of a kind Photoshop action. You can easily design an interesting 3D map with cool features and icons added; this map can be used in advertising campaigns, websites, PowerPoint presentations, infographics and so on. Grab this useful Photoshop map generator for only 5$ and create your own toy blocks map using any shape/text.

This set of Photoshop actions will help you to easily create a map from any shape. The final result is a suface consisting of block squares, no matter what were the edges of the original shape. Also, the final result takes the shape contour. Once you've generated the surface, you can add any vector shape items that are included in the kit(trees, buildings, vehicles, map pins, etc), or use other elements. Finally you get a stylish 3D map that you can use in your own projects: sites, prints or other way you like. This amazing 3D map Photoshop creator was made by Vladuha, a very talented artist from Ukraine. Among his best selling items are the Folded Map Creator and the Stitch Photoshop Action that you can also purchase from graphicriver.

3D Blocks Map Photoshop Action

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la va
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