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35 Creative Business Cards

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Graphic design is most often used commercially for corporate branding. Branding is a vast domain that includes among others logo design, color scheme and business cards design. I find business card design a very interesting domain because one has to condense all the branding elements into a small area that has to be consistent with the brand. I've put together this list of business cards that could prove an inspiration if you decide one day to give this business card design a try.

In the list below you will find some very creative business cards in which you might find inspiration to create your own business cards for your company.

The design of the business card is one of the main factors that will determine the impact on potential clients, but, that's not all. You will also have to consider the quality of the physical business card - so the print itself. Once you know what you want for a design, it's just a question of choosing a right print shop to get high quality prints.

You could try and print them on your home printer, but as you will see below, the business card design also include different paper weights, paper textures, embossing, metalic inks, etc. and the results will not be quite the same. It's always advisable to go to a proffesional when talking about printing.

If you are in a hurry and need to print a business card quickly you could make use of a overnight business cards site.

The Flower Company


Whitescape Corporate Identity

Coins Business Cards

Chets BBQ ID and business card

Dr. Federico Alvarez Dentist Business Card

Mark Ramadans food blog business card

Christopher Paul - Graphic Design Illustration Business Card

Business Card

Business Card

Business Card

Hairloss company Business card

LiquidWorks Business Card

Business Card Wood

Business Card

cmyk business card

NinjaBTL business card 2

Business card idea

Business Card

Business card

Business Card

Business Card

Zonamusical Business Card

MultiMiller Playing Card

GKGD Business card

Business Card v2

SNAP Business Card

Cafe Java Business Card

Business Card

Business Card

Undersized Recession Business Cards

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