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Custom Postage Stamps
Tutorials Photo Effects 1369 May 27th, 2019

Create custom postage stamps using your own images and photos. For making the postage stamp tutorial I will use a free psd mockup. So. you will be able to create old postage stamps in just a few minutes.

Custom postage stamps can be used in so many design projects. For example you can make beautiful wedding postage stamps to remind you of that special day.

Postage Stamps

How to Create Custom Postage Stamps

In this tutorial you will learn how to make your own custom postage stamps in 5 minutes. You can create beautiful wedding postage stamps for example.

Download the Postage Stamp Mockup

To create custom postage stamps I will use this awesome Postage Stamp Mockup from PhotoshopSupply. So, download the free mockup before you start the tutorial!

Add Your Photo

Double click on the thumbnail of the "ADD YOUR IMAGE INSIDE" smart object to open it. Inside you can add your photo.

Save the Smart Object and Close

Save the smart object and close it to see the result.

Custom Postage Stamp

Customize the Custom Postage Stamps

You can edit the postage stamp and change the color; use the "CHANGE COLOR TONES" adjustment layer. Double click on the layer thumbnail to open the adjustment. Replace the Photoshop gradient using the colors that you like.

Custom Postage Stamp

Edit the Text for the Postage Stamp

You can edit the text layers easily. Let's type "Our Wedding" on the main text and the day of the wedding.

You should note that the text follows a wavey shape. Making a text follow a path in Photoshop is sometimes tricky. I know it took me a while to learn this. If you're having troubles creating curved text or wavy text in Photoshop, you can check out the online text editor features of MockoFun. You will be able to create curved text, wave text, spiral text and all sorts of other text effects quickly in your browser. And it's FREE!

How to Make a Custom Postage Stamp

So, now you know how to create custom stamps in Photoshop using your own photos.

Postage Stamps

If you want to make rubber stamps you can try this premium Photoshop action. Use your photos to create custom rubber stamps in 1 minute!

Stamp Photoshop Action

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