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Text Photoshop Tutorials

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In today's list I have gathered some of my favorite tutorials on how to create different types of text effect.This is a mixed list of hotoshop text effects like ice , fire, water, space, typography, retro effect and so on. Maybe the next list will be focused on one particular text effect. There are some many tutorials creating text that I wonder what new idea will occur to this talented people next.

I must say that I especially like the tutorials from psdtuts but of course there are some other sites that have original tutorials too, like pshero, abduzeedo, etc. Hope you will enjoy it!


Old school type line gradients

Create a layered glowing text effect

Grunge Stamp Text

Recreate the bee movie text effect

Text in stitches

Super cool frilly bits typography

Wood inlay text

Icey styles text in photoshop

Transparent glass lettering in photoshop

The sugar bag effect

Patriotic text using displacement masks

Advanced glow effects

Spectacular 3d style text effect

Harley davidson text effect

Typographic retro space face

Lost space typography photoshop

Awesome milk typography effect photoshop

How to create eroded metal text with photoshop

How to design a stunning 3d sunset type illustration

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