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Super Spray Stroke Outline Photoshop Plugin

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The SuperSpray Photoshop plugin allows you to create shape outline and shape edges using your own PNG images. This is a great Photoshop tool for creating spray effects using not brushes but cutout images. The SuperSpray is brought by the maker of Typography Photoshop plugin another useful tool for designers.

This is a one of a kind Photoshop plugin that you can use to create the stroke path effect using your own PNG images. In the default Photoshop version you can only use brushes for stroke edges but with this plugin you can use real photo cutouts.

In Adobe Photoshop, you can use Stroke Path using a brush to create really cool designs. In one of my tutorials I explained how to use Stroke Path in Photoshop. But, this Super Spray Photoshop plugin takes things a bit further. You can use it like Stroke Path but with images.

Super Spray Photoshop Plugin for Outline Stroke

SuperSpray is a unique Photoshop plugin. It lets you spray transparent png images on your canvas. It has some built-in objects to spray, but the real flexibility of SuperSpray is that you can use your own .png images as well. There are 11 sample objects in the library.

Create Stroke Outline Using PNG Images in Photoshop

You can create really cool outline effects in Photoshop. I've written a quick and easy tutorial on how to make outline text in Photoshop (also for images and shapes).

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2 comment(s) for "Super Spray Stroke Outline Photoshop Plugin"

Eren Goksel
Eren Goksel
1:06 PM Monday, April 29, 2019
Hey thank you very much for posting this great review on Superspray. I have removed the item from GR. It is
available at CreativeMarket. Here is the link:


Kind regards
mark bodell
mark bodell
12:49 PM Monday, June 10, 2019
Hey!, where can I download SuperSpray? the link provided does not come up with it any longer reply

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