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Soccer Photoshop Creator

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You can now create your own realistic football field with dynamic in motion football players. The pack comes included with many soccer elements like the display score board, kicker card, team tab, goals, ball, flags to name just a few. In other words it is a complete football kit that you can use to create your favorite football team, to simulate games, etc.. You will for sure have a lot of fun playing with this new Photoshop creator.


With this Soccer Set you can compile your favorite soccer team or even a fictive team within a short time. You can show team lineups or reproduce complete motion sequences - very easy and without many Photoshop know-how!

The soccer field can be designed individually (see features list). On the different score displays you can picture the name of the team, the logo, the time and scores. On the team table you can record all team names and further informations. The kicker card contains more detailed information to every single kicker. All objects are well-ordered and layered and you have the possibility to edit and disarrange them. You can change the appearance of the lawn and place marks, pictures and text on it via Smart Object. By using the pre-built elements you may outline whole motion sequences. Watch the video and screenshots to that!

Soccer Football Photoshop Creation Kit

The 15 different kicker poses can be adjusted very easy. With a few clicks you can change the colors of the pants, socks and jerseys. The changes concern every kicker simultaneously. That means, if the color of the jersey of one kicker is changed, every jersey in the document will change, too. Kicker and keeper are treated separately of course. Furthermore the skin color of every kicker pose can be changed, too, and in the frontal pose you can integrate your own jersey print. Watch the video and screenshots to that!

The whole football soccer set is available in high resolution and is printable. But of course it is also suitable for TV, desktop applications, web, presentations, games and mobile applications.

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