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Sci Fi Photoshop Tutorials

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If you are interested in the science fiction genre than you will be impressed by this amazing collection of sci fi inspired Photoshop tutorials. I have gathered the best Photoshop tutorials around the internet, there are over 20 sci-fi tutorials that you really must read.

The list contains old tutorials that probably seen before but there are also some fresh ones that I am sure you will enjoy. For example you will learn how to create a future city, to simulate an alien invasion, to make a cyborg, to recreate sci-fi characters and many more.

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Sci Fi Digital Painting Tutorial

Sci Fi Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Meteorite Impact Photoshop tutorial

Rusty Metallic Skull

Science fiction combat scene Photoshop tutorial

Sci Fi Photoshop Tutorial

How To Create a Futuristic Sci-Fi Scene

Making a superhero movie teaser poster

Create a retro sci fi movie poster in photoshop

Create a surreal sci fi movie poster with photoshop cs5

Stargate Ori Prior Photoshop Tutorial

Digital sci fi art tutorial desert superstructure

Sci Fi Robot Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Green planet space ship tutorial

Create a vintage sci fi movie poster in photoshop

Invasion Movie Poster in Photoshop

Futuristic Sci-fi Warrior Tutorial

Alien Invasion in Photoshop

Sci Fi Poster Tutorial

Sci Fi style urban city scene in Photoshop

Dark surreal urban scene with space brush in photoshop

Metallic sci fi robot in Photoshop

Creating an awesome space effect in Photoshop

Sci Fi banana ship in Photoshop

High Tech Cyborg Photo Manipulation

Alien Invasion Photoshop Tutorial

Underwater Alien World Photoshop Tutorial

London Alien Invasion Photoshop Tutorial

Sci Fi Robot in Photoshop

Invasion Photoshop Tutorial

Future City Photoshop Tutorial

Alien Invasion Tutorial

Create a Sci-Fi Interior Using Digital Painting Techniques

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6 comment(s) for "Sci Fi Photoshop Tutorials"

8:31 AM Saturday, March 15, 2014
Very good I made one myself, check it out reply
2:40 AM Friday, January 2, 2015
Create an Unnerving Surreal 3D Room Scene in Photoshop reply
2:47 AM Friday, May 22, 2015
Create a Sci-Fi Landscape Scene with Photoshop reply
10:13 AM Thursday, June 4, 2015
Create a Chilling Sci-Fi Scene of Cyborgs in Bubbles reply
11:34 AM Wednesday, April 20, 2016
This Photoshop tutorial aims to teach you, how to build a space station with stock images using photo manipulation, blending, adjusting colors, masking and painting techniques. reply
9:43 AM Friday, July 1, 2016
Here is a new one that I found from psdvault one of my favorite photoshop tutorials websites reply

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