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Planet Photoshop Stock Images and PSD Files

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To create a planet in Photoshop you need a planet terrain texture, some PS skills and digital painting techniques. Although it is not very hard to make your own planet in Photoshop it might require a lot of time to create a realistic looking effect. So it is easier to choose a ready to use premade planet stock image and integrate it into your photo manipulations along with other elements like stars, meteorites, galaxy space backgrounds, space ships and so on. So here is a list with creative planets that you can use for free. The list also includes some useful editable PSD files.

High res Planet Stock for Photo Manipulations

Cosmos Planets Creator package

Package Cosmos and Planets

Planet Earth Resource

High res Planet Stock II

Planet Image

High res Planet Stock IV

Space Planet Stock

Planet Stock PNG

Gas Giant Planet II

Ancient Planets Free Photoshop Resource

Planet Edari

Water World Planet

Planet Stock

Planet Erdea Free Stock

Desert Earth Planet Free Stock Image

Desert Earth Planet

Red Planet Baelos

High Res Water Planet Stock

Desert Dead Planet Cyron Photoshop Stock

Volcano Fiery Planet Photoshop Stock Image

Planet and Background stock

Planet Alaerin

Planet Monius

Package Cosmos 5

Moon Photoshop Stock Image Free

Cardassia Prime Planet Resource

Earth Planet Space Background

Capricorn B Planet Stock

Moon stock

Planet Cyron IV

Photoshop Cosmos Galaxy Planets Stock

Purple Planet stock

Rough moon stock

Blue Planet Photoshop Resource

Planet resource pack 1

Terra Nova Planet Resource PSD

Planet Texture Pack

Planet PSD Resource

Planet Resources Green Planet

Planet Geo Metallic PSD File

Planet Photoshop PSD

Planet PSD Layered Editable File

Planet PSD Layered Photoshop File

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2:31 AM Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Cosmic Commander - Photoshop Creation Kit

Cosmic Planets Photoshop Creation Kit reply
1:20 AM Monday, May 5, 2014

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