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Old Photo Retouch and Repair Photoshop Tutorials

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We all have grandparents old photographs that because of the age are not in the best preservation conditions. So many of our old photos may have tears and scratches, spots, damaged areas and so on. Not to say that are all in black and white or sepia color tones. So to repair a damaged photo will not going to be an easy task. You will have to pay attention to every little details to obtain a realistic effect.

The Photoshop tools that are used the most in old photo repair are the the Spot Healing Brush Tool, the Clone Stamp Tool and the Brush Tool.


If repairing a damged old photo is not that easy and it is a lot of time-consuming, the other way around is not that complicated. So if you want to learn how to create an old photo effect in Photoshop you can check out this tutorial. Aging a photo can be done automatically using a Photoshop action so you have plenty of options.

To create an old photo effect in Photoshop you can use old paper textures, grunge textures, dust and scatches textures.

Old Photo Professional Photograph Restoration Tutorial

Repair scratches tears and spots on an old photo in Photoshop

Add Color to Old Photograph Photo Restoration Tutorial

Hand Coloring Black and White Old Photo Photoshop Tutorial

Old Photo Retouch in Photoshop

Color Black and White Old Images in Photoshop

Photo Restoration Tutorial Repair Old Photo in Photoshop

Repair Old Images with Scratches and Tears in Photoshop

Repair Damaged Old Pictures Photoshop Tutorial

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