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Cute Easter Digital Artworks

Resources Photoshop Art Works 15650 4/18/2018 12:00:00 AM

As Christian Orthodox, this year we are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on 24 of April. So it is coming pretty soon. We've already started the traditional cooking for the Easter meal: cozonac(a sponge cake with walnuts and raisins filling), pasca(a sponge cake with sweet cheese filling), drob(baked minced lamb with green garlic, onion, parsley, dill and mushrooms) and oua incondeiate (painted eggs).

For this special event I have gathered a list of cute digital artworks. Bunnies and decorated eggs are both well known Easter motifs. I hope you get inspired to create your own Easter Cards.

Happy Easter!


Easter Egg Bunny

Pretty Babies bunnies

Easter eggs

Easter Bunny

Easter Bun

Easter Bunny

Spring sprung dragons

Easter Bunny

Easter Surprise

Teacup Bunny

Return of Good Easter Bunny

Chocolate Nibbles

Easter Bunny

Egghunt in Pink Bunnysuit

Easter Bunny

Awesome Bunnies

Happy Easter

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