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Create Little Planet Panorama Photoshop Tutorials

Resources Tutorials 7221 Views February 5th, 2014

In Photoshop you can create your own planets using a panoramic landscape. This technique allows you to make orb shaped photographs that look like planets. In this collection I have gathered some of the best tutorials on how to create little planets using a regular photograph or a panoramic one and Photoshop. The main tool used for this effect is the Polar Coordinates filter which is one of the Photoshop's main Distort Filters. Here are some examples of stunning polar panorama photos; it is always good to know what you can do using these tutorials.


How to make Polar Panorama with Photoshop

Create your own panorama planets in Photoshop

Photoshop cs6 create little planet effect from a panorama picture

Make a Planet Panorama Photoshop Tutorial

How to make a polar panorama in photoshop

Planet Photoshop Tutorial with Polar Coordinates Filter

Using polar coordinates to turn landscapes into planets in Photoshop

Make Little Planets in Photoshop

Little Planet Burst Effect Photoshop Creator

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