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Arrow Photoshop Custom Shapes

Resources Custom Shapes 66392 Views February 28th, 2011

The Custom Shapes are vector shapes that can be saved in Photoshop as Preset Type for further use. Photoshop comes with predefined shapes but you can also create and save your own custom shapes. All you have to do is to create a shape with a vector tool like Pen Tool, Elliptical Tool, Line Tool etc. You can also save as custom shape a text but only after you have turned it into shape.

Being a vector object, a custom shape can be resized without loosing its quality and you can also change its shape easily and it still remains a vector. So it is useful and fun to use!

In today's list I have gathered arrow custom shapes for all the Photoshop enthusiasts out there. Download the CSH file and you are ready to use this cool arrow shapes. Hope you like it, hope you share it!


Arrow Custom Shapes

Arrow Shapes

Arrow Shapes

Free arrows shapes for photoshop arrow vector shape

Arrows Shape

Arrow symbols icons

Funky arrows csh and png files

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