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Amazing Photo Manipulations of Men Characters

Resources Photoshop Art Works 28259 11/16/2018 12:00:00 AM

For some reason Photoshop manipulations that use female stock images are more popular among digital artists than the ones that uses male models. That rule applies to me also; almost all of my photo manipulations are based on women stock images. So in this new collection of Photoshop artworks I have gathered only photo manipulation of men characters that I am sure you will enjoy. I am sure that there are other great artworks with male characters around the internet so you can drop the link at our comments section.

The Fallen Men Character Photo Manipulation

Dragon Mage Men Character Photo Manipulation

Behind the Shadows Male Character Photo Manipulation

Prince in the Shadows Photo Manipulation

The Room of Vampire Men Character Photo Manipulation

Shattered Male Angel Photo Manipulation

Vampire Men Character Photo Manipulation

The Judge Male Photo Manipulation

Schism Men Photo Manipulation

My kingdom Male Photo Manipulation

Men Robot Photo Manipulation

A Quest for your Love

Fallen Angel Male Photo Manipulation

Rising Moon Angel Men Character

Souvenir of sadness Male Photo Manipulation

Forgotten Hero Fantasy Character Photo Manipulation

Lone Warrior Photo Manipulation

The Call of the Serpent Photo Manipulation

Quetzalcoatl Photoshop Manipulation

Mr Paper Bag Manipulation

Elf Men Character Photoshop Manipulation

Elf Prince Photoshop Manipulation

Emptiness Photoshop Photo Manipulation

Within a Dream Men Photoshop Manipulation

The Fallen II

My Little Dragon Photoshop Manipulation

Fallen Angel Photoshop Manipulation



The Fallen

The Boy and The Wolf Photoshop Manipulation

The Highwayman

Were You Looking For Me Photo Manipulation

Time Traveler Wizard Photoshop Manipulation

Attraction Photoshop Manipulation

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